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ClearShield, a special polymeric resin, reacts chemically with the glass at a molecular level to modify its surface properties.

ClearShield is a special coating applied at the time of your shower purchase. This special polymeric coating is formulated to help your glass stay looking new; resist stains, dirt, and discoloration; and create an easy-to-clean surface for your shower.

It acts as a 'non-stick' barrier, keeping contaminants from sticking to the glass surface. This strong, multi-molecular bond provides years of proven protection. Your glass will be low-maintenance and easy to clean, saving you time, while promoting a hygienic environment.

ClearShield surface under microscope

Under a microscope, as shown above, glass reveals a rough surface made of peaks and potholes.

ClearShield Products Surface

Surface of ClearShield Glass


Glass protected with ClearShield creates a much hygienic environment.

ClearShield is a safe, non-hazardous liquid and is easy to apply. It can be applied with hand application pads, manual spray units, and semi- and fully-automatic application equipment.

The unique ClearShield solution can also be used for renovating glass already installed. After applying ClearShield, existing glass looks new again, and water spotting and bacteria growth are reduced.

Compare ordinary and ClearShield glass prior and post washing
Glass Prior To Washing Post Washing
Micrographs (photographic images taken through a microscope) of cells of Staphylococcus aureus adhering to glass slides
Ordinary Glass Ordinary Glass Prior Wash Ordinary Glass Post Wash
ClearShield Glass ClearShield Glass Prior Wash ClearShield Glass Post Wash

Public Health Laboratory Service, report on adherence of bacteria to surfaces treated with ClearShield.

In conclusion the results clearly show that ClearShield firstly impeded adherence of bacteria and secondly encouraged desorption by washing.

ClearShield and Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure with ClearShield

With little effort, your shower glass and bath enclosure glass remains as new as it was on day one.

  • Keeps glass looking like new
  • Reduces water spots
  • Is always easier to clean
  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Significantly reduces the growth of bacteria

Unprotected shower glass is highly susceptible to the corrosion process and bacteria. What results, is a permanent cloudiness and an unhygienic bathroom environment. ClearShield protects against that.

To see ClearShield in action, see ClearShield case studies on residential glass shower enclosures and our related ClearShield videos below.

ClearShield Videos

ClearShield on Glass Shower Door
ClearShield on Glass Shower Doors
ClearShield Mud Bottle Test
ClearShield Mud Bottle
ClearShield Low-Maintenance Glass
ClearShield Low-Maintenance Glass

ClearShield FAQ:

Can I protect my glass shower door from water spots and clouding?

When treated with ClearShield, your glass is protected during daily use. ClearShield Shower Protector:

  • Prevents hard-water stains and limescale-induced clouding.
  • Discourages bacterial growth that can stain the surface of glass.
  • Provides a non-stick, easy-clean surface.

Our specialists will apply ClearShield glass treatment prior to installation and provide detailed after-care instructions.

How do I maintain and care for my glass shower door?

The best way to maintain your glass shower begins with ClearShield. For best results and to maximize the performance of your ClearShield-protected Shower Glass, rinse with water and squeegee dry after each use. Then clean your shower glass every 2-3 weeks with AfterCare for Shower Glass.

In hard water areas use weekly. AfterCare is also safe to use on all shower hardware and framework.

NOT TO BE USED: Abrasive cleaning methods, pads and compounds or highly alkaline cleaners should not be used on ClearShield Glass.

Windex will not harm ClearShield treated glass, however they're unnecessarily strong. Do not use commercial strength cleaners such as Lime Away on CS Glass.

Do I have to use your aftercare shower cleaner on my glass shower?

No, it is not required to use the ClearShield Aftercare product line to care for your treated shower glass. However, ClearShield Aftercare is specially formulated to gently clean shower glass and is environmentally safe. Some cleaners are too abrasive for shower glass, even with a protection application.

By using our ClearShield Aftercare line, your ClearShield protection application is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty from the company.

Will you replace my shower glass if it becomes corroded, stained or scratched?

No. However, if the shower glass is treated with ClearShield, then the glass is guaranteed by ClearShield against corrosion and stains. We will replace any glass that is guaranteed by ClearShield. Scratches aren't covered by our warranty, and probably can't be removed.

How do I make a claim on my glass shower warranty coverage?

Make sure you register for your ClearShield warranty online through the company when your shower is installed. Then if there is a problem, contact them for direction. This warranty is separate from the Dulles Glass & Mirror warranties you may have on the hardware and shower door itself.

Will a new glass shower door treated with ClearShield improve my bathroom or home value?

Absolutely. The bathroom and the kitchen are the most important considerations for perspective home buyers. A remodeling magazine survey on the future of new homes revealed that home buyers expect more upgrades in new construction – a demand struggling home builders are willing to meet. So upgrading your bathroom makes the resale value of your home more competitive against new homes.

Also, glass shower doors are a great investment because these durable structures will hold their value. With our ClearShield glass protection and proper aftercare, your glass shower door will remain "like-new" for years to come.

Can I get ClearShield glass protection for a framed shower?

Yes, and we recommend this glass protection application for all of our glass products. Whether you choose a framed or frameless glass shower enclosure for your bathroom, ClearShield is Dulles Glass' recommendation to keep your shower glass looking new.

Can I properly maintain my glass shower without adding a glass protection application?

Even diligent cleaning will not prevent unprotected shower glass against corrosion forever. Though it doesn't appear to be, glass is porous, and without a solid surface barrier protection like ClearShield, it will eventually become corroded by hard-water stains and other contaminants.

If you don't want glass protection treatment for your glass shower door, it will be especially important to squeegee dry untreated shower glass after every use. Also, the shower glass will need frequent cleaning. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning products on your shower glass. Abrasive cleaners will hasten the decline of your glass by eating into its porous nature providing spaces for contaminants to settle.

Remember, though, that if you're ever planning on selling your home, your beautiful high-end bathroom will lose its appeal to future home buyers if there are hard-water stains or clouding on your glass.