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Custom Designed and Fabricated to Your Specifications glass shower doors

Glass Shower Doors

What sets a Dulles Glass & Mirror glass shower door apart from the other manufacturers' shower enclosures? It's simple: quality and custom options. You'll get the shower you want, when you want it — guaranteed.

Single Frameless Shower Door Right Handle

Solo™ Single Glass Shower Doors

Inline Frameless Shower Door

Prima™ Door & Panel Shower Doors

Corner Frameless Shower Doors

Canto™ Corner Glass Shower Doors

Inline Frameless Shower Door

Luxe™ Neo Angle Shower Doors

Why Choose a Custom Glass Shower Door from Dulles Glass & Mirror?

  • Exceptional-quality materials: tempered glass shower panels, hardware, handles and accessories.
  • Full customization: Size, configurations, glass type, handle finishes - all exactly how you want it.
  • Quality control: Manufactured here in the U.S., so we have full control over the final product.
  • Easy online quotes: You'll get a full quote back quickly, with all the details.
  • Expert installation: The best installers in the DC metropolitan area will handle your installation.

Choosing the Right Glass Shower Door for You

It's easy to get a quote on a shower door that's perfect for you. There are a few steps to keep in mind as you are finding the right shower. And, we're always here to help!

Types of Glass Shower Enclosures

The first thing you have to know is the type of shower you need. You'll choose from the following types:

Solo™ Single Shower Door

A glass shower door with your choice of glass type, hardware and more. This door can open to the left or right.

View Solo™ Single Glass Shower Doors

Prima™ Door & Panel Shower Doors

Also known as an inline shower, this type includes a glass shower door and at least one other glass panel. The door can attach to glass or to the wall, and can open from the left or right.

View Prima™ Door & Panel Shower Doors

Canto™ Corner Shower Door

This type consists of two glass walls and two solid walls, and fits in the corner of your bathroom. The door can attach to glass or to the wall and can open to the left or right.

View Canto™ Corner Glass Shower Doors

Luxe™ Neo Angle Shower Doors

This beautiful diamond-shaped shower door is another type of corner shower door. There are usually 5 panels - two solid and three glass, but configurations can vary.

View Luxe™ Neo Angle Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors

Beautiful and stylish, our frameless sliding shower doors have a low-profile, heavy-duty smooth sliding mechanism at the top. The rest is unadulterated glass.

View Sliding Shower Doors

Bathtub Doors

If you're looking to replace your shower curtain, our full line of sliding and swinging bathtub shower doors are just what you need.

View Bathtub Doors

Glass shower enclosure configurations

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Configurations

Once you've chosen your shower door type, you'll choose the configuration. This simply means that you choose the shape that best suits your home. For example, some showers are next to the bathtub, which requires a knee or half wall. Sometimes there are half walls on both sides. Or sometimes the showers require two glass panels or three glass shower panels. Any configuration you need will be available to you during the quote process.

Shower Door Glass Panel Types

The glass panels form the basis for your whole shower, so we want you to be confident that you're getting the best. Sturdy tempered glass shower panels are available in several thicknesses, including premium 1/2"" glass. You can also choose different colors and styles, like bronze or Opaque-Clear glass.

View All Shower Glass Options

Shower door glass types

Hardware for your Shower Doors

Our premium shower door hardware is the keystone of your shower door. Durable and designed to last, our hardware keeps your shower door working properly. Here are the components you can select from during your quote process:

Clamps and U-channels

Clamps are a sturdy choice for your shower door, but some configurations of your shower will require a u-channel.

Clamps and U-Channels

Shower Door Handles and Pulls

Choose from a variety of styles, designed to add a personal flair to your shower, and match the rest of your decor.

View all Shower Door Handles, Knobs, and Pulls

Shower Door Hinges

You'll choose between a standard hinge or a pivot hinge. The pivot hinge is used for a pivot shower door. There are different considerations for each that you'll want to think about.

View all Shower Door Hinges

Keep glass like new

Shower Door Treatment Options - ClearShield® Shower Door Protectant

You can also choose to have your shower door treated with a proprietary product called ClearShield. This treatment makes your shower door easier to clean by repelling hard water stains and soap scum.

More About ClearShield

Installing Your Shower Doors

If you live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we can install your shower door for you. After you receive the quote and approve it, you'll work with our installation team to find the best time for us to come install your shower. Here are few things you need to know about your shower door installation.

  • Your bathroom has to be ready with all the tile in place before we can perform final measurements and come for installation.
  • Your shower installers are experts, and your shower can usually be installed in about one day.
  • Your installers will leave your house as they found it - including cleaning and shining your shower before departing!
Installing Shower Doors
Caring for Shower Enclosure

Caring for your Glass Shower Enclosure

After installation, your glass shower door is easy to care for, especially if you've chosen to have it treated with ClearShield glass treatment. Simply squeegee dry your shower after use and then clean with ClearShield Aftercare product every two to three weeks. That's it. If you haven't opted for ClearShield, you'll have to clean your shower more often - up to 50% more often. And, you'll have to work a little harder too.

Shower Door FAQs

We hate to say it, but it really depends on a lot of factors. For that reason, you'll need to get an easy online quote. Some of the factors that determine the cost of the shower are as follows:

Size of the glass enclosure - a larger shower will of course cost more than a smaller one. The number of panels, whether you have a steam-shower transom at the top - all will factor into the cost for the glass.

Type of glass - You can choose between 3/8" glass, premium 1/2" glass. Most of the shower doors made and sold by Big Box retailers are made out of 1/4" glass. Some of our framed showers are available in 1/4" glass, but beyond those, you're going to be choosing between the 3/8" and 1/2" glass. You can also choose different looks like gray glass, rain glass, frosted glass and more. The type of glass you choose will influence the price.

Type of hardware - Some of the hardware you choose will be slightly more expensive depending on the style and finish that you choose.

The best way to get a realistic price on your shower door is to go through our no-obligation shower door quote system.


You'll need to have a few details hashed out before you get a quote on your shower door. First, you'll need to have your bathroom plan completed, so you know the shape and approximate measurements of your shower. For example, you’ll need to know if the shower you want is a corner shower, single door, or any of the other types listed above. Then, you'll need to have an idea of how you want to customize your shower. Do you want extra-thick glass? Do you want HDglass, low-iron ultra-clear glass? What color would you like for your hardware and finishes? We’ll walk you through all of this during the quote process.


You'll want to have your bathroom project pretty solid before getting a quote. The best measurements can be obtained after the tile is laid for your shower. In fact, that is what our team requires before we can come out and do the final measurements. This step is critical, because after that, we manufacture your shower door to fit the space you have exactly. This precision will ensure that your shower door is leak-free and durable for your new bathroom.


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