How To Clean Windows, Glass and Mirrors Quick & Easy Like a Pro

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

7/24/2020 2:27:03 PM

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Many of us find ourselves in a challenge, spraying and wiping the same surfaces over and over, trying to achieve the streak free windows, mirrors and glass we all desire. WIth soap scum, mildew, dirt and dust finding their way onto these pristine surfaces, it can be difficult to properly clean your glass and mirrors with the old school soap and paper towel technique. Using products such as our signature Glass & Mirror Cleaner in combination with other cleaning techniques will keep your windows, glass and mirrors sparkling clean. 

1. Use a Glass Cleaning Microfiber Cloth
These clothes are made with a flat weave, which is much different than your regular periwinkle cloth. The flat woven nature of this cloth will prevent streaking when cleaning your windows, mirrors and glass. If your surface is very dirty, I recommend washing the area with a sponge before going in with the cloth. I absolutely love these budget and environmentally friendly, machine washable Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths that you can find here:


2. Clean From Top to Bottom

When you clean from top to bottom, you are allowing for the cleaning product you are using to drip down into the areas you have not washed yet. This way you can avoid the dip look caused from the product running down the glass.


3. Get a Squeegee 

This cleaning tool makes such a big difference in the final look, and lessens cleaning of your glass. Rather than going over the same surface multiple times with a cloth, one swipe with a Squeegee will do the trick, and leave your glass spotless. For glass showers that tend to build up soap scum, mildew, and water stains I recommend going over your shower doors with a Squeegee when hopping out of the shower as much as possible. My go to Squeegee is always the Cleret iDO Shower Squeegee with Dual Wiping Edge. It includes a nearly invisible wall mounted holder and there are no metal parts to rust or scratch surfaces. This squeegee is also very light compared to most squeegees weighing only 3.9oz P.S- Don't forget to wipe the blade after you clean with the Squeegee. 


4. ClearShield Aftercare For Glass Surfaces 

ClearShield is a glass surface protection product that helps seal and prevent build-up, as well as disinfects glass surfaces. Giving your glass the ClearShield After Care treatment will put a protective shield on your glass and extend its durability from 5 to 8 years. Since this product prevents build-up, you won’t have to clean your glass as often. To maximize the performance of your ClearShield protected glass, rinse with water and Squeegee dry after each use.


5. Clean Corners With Cotton Swabs

Bacteria and dirt can get stuck and begin to grow in the corners of your shower. To prevent this, make sure to clean the corners of your glass, and showers with a cotton swab to effectively remove the build up.


6. Remove Dirt From Your Mirror Before You Clean It 

Before removing any streaks or fingerprints from your mirrors, remove the existing dirt and gunk with rubbing alcohol. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and begin to scrub away at the buildup. Follow this up with DGM’s Glass Cleaner and wipe away with a microfiber cloth. The key is to spray a light layer of mist, applying to much cleaner will cause it to drip creating more to clean.


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