11 Baths We Love - 2020 Roundup

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

10/23/2020 6:40:51 PM

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  1. Marble it Up
    Marble tiles are a great way to evoke an elegant black and white color palette to your bath. You can add marble to the walls, floors, or vanity of your bath for this effect. To keep a consistent modern look, consider a clear or tinted glass shower screen. Click here to check out some of our glass tint options. 

    Design By: @greyhuntinteriors 
    Photo by:@stacyzaringoldberg
    Faucets by: @briziofaucet
    Glass Shower by: @dullesglassandmirror

  2. Boho Meets Modern 

    Mix these two contrasting vibes by building a simple, clean, but not too colorful modern bathroom. Avoid using the color silver for hardware and shower accessories, instead stick with warm colors. Add bohemian accents such as a rug and plants to your bath. The beautiful glass corner shower brings clarity to your bath design and brings all the elements of this boho bathroom together.

    IG 📷:@loomandklin
    Photography: @jessicawhitephoto

  3. Lost in the Desert 
    In order to achieve this beautiful bathroom design, I recommend using a light color wood for the vanity and design features of your bath. Choose a warm tone when deciding for bath room hardware and decorate the room environment with some green plants. For an extra touch lay a tribal printed rug to bring some color to your desert bath.

    IG 📷@almostmakesperfact

  4. Mediterranean Medley
    We love the light green color scheme of this lovely meditarranian style bath. The colorfully patterned walls complement the fairly simple vanity, and the final touch of the patterned rug brings elegance to this bath. To make this bath more modern, we added one of our beautiful custom-made glass shower doors, click here to buy yours today.


  5. Geometric Touches
    We love everything about this bath! From the pentagonal shaped shower, to the honeycomb like tile, it’s the small details in this bath that really makes the difference. The gold hardware chosen for this bath goes perfectly with the warm colored wood vanity pictured. Check out our bronze hardware options for a similar look.

    IG 📷

  6. Simple But Beautiful
    There’s not much going on in this bath but that’s why we love it. The stone like vanity top as well as the beautiful frameless round mirror and free standing shower screen correlate beautifully. In this case, less is definitely better.

    IG 📷 @archdose

  7. Under the Sea
    The tile used in this bath is so scaly it reminds of all the little fish swimming in the ocean. Paired together with a rose gold chrome, a beautiful glass shower, and frameless round twin mirrors, we can’t get enough of this bath!


  8. All Grey Everything
    You can never go wrong with a monotone design for your bath. The consistent grey tone, silver hardware, and freestanding glass shower screen creates simplicity throughout this bath design.

    IG ​📷​@cannyborlandarchitects 

  9. Weird But True
    The tile chosen for this bath is almost holographic, and when you look to the ground, checkerboard. What is this Alice in Wonderland? It confuses all of us but we 100% love it! Sometimes, choosing two odd color tiles that almost correlate can catch the eye of others. To this I say, go crazy! 

    IG 📷 @indigokashmir

  10. Bath By the Beach
    This light blue tile and beautiful frameless glass shower  is taking us all back to the summers we spent at the beach as children. Adding the stone, sand like tile to the floor, is a beautiful touch that takes us right to the ocean.

    IG📷 @commonthreadstyle
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