10 Ways to DIY Unique Glass Tables Using Glass Table Tops

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

3/1/2021 2:27:03 PM

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With everyone spending most of their time at home these days, there's always plenty of time to put into new DIY creations for your home's design. From creating beautiful tables with handmade unique bases, to your classic barrel or log table, it’s evident that our customers have been hard at work, and we’re here to show it off! Enjoy this collection of some of our favorite DIY custom glass table projects some of our customers have created during the year of 2020 and 2021.

Barrel Glass Table 

A good oak barrel makes an excellent base for glass table tops and will add a unique irresistible charm to your bar area. Flat polish, pencil polish, or beveled polish glass edges are all acceptable for this DIY project; with customizable options at Dulles Glass and Mirror, you can choose the look and the effects you want for your glass table top. For an extra design element, arrange wine corks and hot glue them to the top side of your barrel before placing the glass on top. To secure any table top to a base, we recommend our variety of Glass Table Top Bumpers.

barrel-glass-table-for-your-bar.png  barrel-with-glass-table-top.png  wine-barrel-glass-tables.png

Concrete Glass Table 

One of our customers, Cassius Castings created these amazing concrete based glass tables with his genius concrete molding technique. Below are our favorites of his creations, one being a glass dining table with a concrete base using one of our premium rectangular glass table tops, and the other is the most unique custom glass ping pong table you’ll ever see! To explore more of his work click here.

concrete-glass-ping-pong-table.png  concrete-glass-dining-table.png

Classic White Theme Glass Table

Simple white pedestal base glass tables fit in beautifully with minimalist style homes. By keeping continuity in the black and white color scheme, as well as adding pops of color with modern decor, you’ll create a sleek minimalist tone to your interior design. During our customization process you can learn about our glass tints, available glass thicknesses and other customizable options for your custom glass table top.

white-base-with-rectangle-glass-table-top.png  oval-shaped-glass-dining-table-with-white-base.png

Industrial Chic Glass Table 

If you're looking for a creative way to upscale your home decor, a machine style DIY glass table is definitely something to take on. These types of custom glass tables work perfectly as a side table or a coffee table and will definitely draw the attention of any guest in your home.

metal-drum-with-glass-table-top.png  industrial-side-table-with-glass-table-top.png  industrial-glass-table.png 

Mayday Glass Table 

This incredible Mayday table was fabricated from a solid walnut, polished brass hardware, 4-axis custom milled missile legs, and features our custom inlaid ½” thick tempered round glass table top. Check out the video below of this unique glass table design by @berchtolddesignbuild

mayday-table2.png  mayday-table1.png

Picturesque Tree Glass Table

To add a rustic touch to your home decor, create a cute wooden side table. A log table is easy to craft and can fit beautifully in your home's interior or for patio furnishings as well. If you are planning on keeping your log table outside, I suggest checking out our custom patio glass table tops. We recommend thicker glass, around 3/8" or 1/2", for glass that sits on any type of pedestal. Thinner glass is known to tip over when too much weight is applied to the glass. This side table DIY is super easy, and an affordable option to incorporate the raw beautiful charms of nature to your interior decor.

tree-base-glass-coffee-table.png  tree-stump-glass-table.png  wooden-base-glass-table.png

Sculpture Glass Table 

These eye-catching one of a kind sculpture tables are the perfect minimalist custom glass tables for any space. The muted tones in these contemporary pieces will complement all home decor and furniture sets ensuring a clean, sophisticated design for your home or business. 

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Stone Glass Table  

Stone based glass tables are a very popular modern trend we’ve been seeing in many homes lately. From marble, granite, and limestone, there is a vast variety of stone to choose from when building your own stone table. Some of my favorite pre-made stone bases are made by Yard & Stone. Click here to view some of their options of side, cocktail, dining, console and bar stone table bases. Tempered glass is recommended for these types of DIY's to add safety and strength to your table, but annealed glass can also be used.

stone-arched-glass-table1.png  stone-table-with-beveled-glass-table-top1.png  designer-glass-table-with-stone-base1.png

Glass Table Cover 

Along with adding a glossy finish and easy clean, glass table top covers are perfect for protecting your favorite pieces of furniture. When using glass for this purpose, we recommend purchasing a table top with ¼” thickness, ⅜” and ½’ thickness can also be used but make sure your furniture is able to carry that extra weight. Flat polish is the preferred edge work for this use of glass, however pencil polish or beveled polish can also create a unique effect; this aspect really just depends on your preference. When considering glass strength, annealed glass is sufficient to protect the table but tempered glass is recommended for added safety, especially if there are younger children in your home.

rectangle-glass-table-cover-grey-tint...  plexiglass-table-cover-for-outdoor-ta...

Glass Table Top Display 

Display your favorite photos, or create a design within your table with some of your most memorable objects with this photo collage table DIY. The first step is to create your design, and lay out your pictures, or create a hollow display for your favorite decorative objects. Then all you need is our premium custom cut glass to lay on top of your design.


picture-glass-display-on-dresser.png  diy-glass-table-with-collectibles.png

Win $100 By Showing Off Your Creations 

We love seeing what our customers create with their glass! You can enter to win $100 this month by submitting a photo/video review of your project to our website or Facebook page. Another way to enter is by tagging our Instagram channel @dullesglassandmirror on your DIY photos with our products or email us at [email protected] Get started on your glass project today and enter to win!

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