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What is the difference between acid-etched glass and sandblasted glass?

Both acid-etched and sandblasted glass use abrasives to create a frosted glass look. Acid treatment is used to created acid-etched glass. While sandblasting is done with a high-speed machine that bombards the glass panel with sand, walnut husks or other materials.

Which one is better? That depends on the end goal. Acid-etched glass produces a true frosted look and is more economical than sandblasting.

Sandblasting glass offers versatility in creating design effects. First, homeowners can choose a level of glass opaqueness from light, medium or heavy. Also, sandblasting makes it possible to "frost" sections of a glass shower, such as creating privacy strips or patterns.

Acid-Edge Glass

Acid-Etched glass

Sandblasted glass

Sandblasted glass

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