U Channel

U Channel Explained
  • U-shaped channel secures glass to tile
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Matches hardware finishes
  • Available for 3/8" & 1/2" thick glass
  • Available in popular 98" stock length

U Channel with Clear Vinyl for 3/8" Thick Glass

U Channel for 3/8

98" Dry Glaze U Channel with Clear Vinyl for 3/8" Thick Glass is a metal u-shaped channel and clear vinyl combo for shower door installations which replaces the need for silicone sealants between the glass and metal. This means a quicker and neater shower door installation. Made for use with 3/8" (10 mm) glass shower doors. The clear vinyl hugs the inside of the u-channel where the glass rests and secures the glass.

U Channel for 1/2" Thick Glass

U Channel for 1/2

98" Deep U Channel for 1/2" Thick Glass is a metal u-shaped channel for quick and easy shower door installations. Used for securing 1/2" thick glass to the wall, ceiling or floor. This 3/4" deep u-channel can be used both at the top and bottom of the shower enclosure during installation. The deep u-channel pocket secures the shower door glass panels firmly into place.

Questions and Answers

What is U-channel and how are these used for frameless showers?

When your shower enclosure is installed, you can, in most cases, use a U-channel or metal clips.

The U-channel is a metal rail that is used to secure glass panels to the floor, ceiling, or wall.

U Channel

U Channel Side View

U Channel Shower

Frameless Shower with U Channel

U Channel Detail

U Channel Close Up on Knee Wall

U-channels reduce the total cost of your frameless shower because the glass sits securely in the channel rather than instead of requiring the drilling and notching of clips. Running U-channels along the bottom and outer edge of your glass shower enclosure does add a "light frame" look to the final product.

While U-channels may be slightly more noticeable than clips, they do not take away from the overall look of your frameless shower. With the right finish, they blend right in to the rest of your hardware and shower, all while adding additional support.

What type of glass will U-channels fit?

Our U-channels fit 1/2" or 3/8" thick glass.

What is the height of a U-channel?

The U-channels we sell are 3/4" tall. This height offers a stronger "bite" on the glass.

height of u channel

What are the U-channels made from?

Our U-channels are made from solid aluminum.