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98" Brass L-Bar 5/8" Face Height


$44.95 $64.21

Popular 95" inch stock length


Product Description

L Bar Explained
  • Both functional and adds to any mirror Decor
  • Designer support for the bottom of the mirror
  • Perfect for use with bevel polished mirrors
  • L-Shaped mirror mounting channel shows off beveled edge
  • Available in popular 95" inch stock length
  • Easy-to-install mirror installation system
UPrice $44.95

L Bar Mirror Installation Hardware for Bevel Polished Mirrors

Chrome L Bar

Show off your bevel edged mirrors with an L-bar bottom support. This mirror installation hardware does not hide the mirror’s decorative edge. Instead, the L-Bar enhances decorative mirror edges while providing structural support to the bottom of heavy unframed mirrors.

The L-Bar is recommended for relatively flat and plumb walls for mirror installation. For flat polished mirrors, we recommend using the J Bar Support, where the mirror edge will rest inside of the bar.