14" Round Glass Table Top, 3/8" Thick, Flat Polished, Tempered

14 Inch Round Glass Table Tops


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14" Round Glass Table Tops

The smaller-scale 14" round glass table top is suitable for a small side table, a table top cover for a nightstand, or for smaller DIY projects. There are several options you can choose for your 14" round table tops.

Glass Thickness

Choose from 3/8" thick glass or 1/2" thick glass, depending on your use for the table top. Both sizes offer similar durability and look. For our in-stock glass table tops, the 14" size comes with certain edge types and options for each thickness.

Glass Options

We've provided a variety of 14" round glass table tops, in-stock and ready to ship from our manufacturing facility. These are the most common options that we’ve made for your round table tops:

Flat Polished, Tempered: Heat-treated tempered glass is sturdy and durable. The flat polished edge has the edge polished so it isn’t dangerous. This edge type works if you are going to use the table top as an insert in a frame, but it can be used as a standalone tabletop as well.

Beveled Edge: This attractive edge type is best used in standalone table tops or table covers. The beveled edge simply means that we have polished down the edges of the table to be thinner than the rest of it.

Beveled Edge, Tempered: This table top has the beveled edge with the additional benefit of being tempered (heat treated for extra durability).

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