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Custom Glass Table Tops

Choose a glass table top shape below to customize to your exact specifications.

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Shopping For Glass Table Tops

When you buy a glass table top from Dulles Glass & Mirror, you can be certain that you're getting the highest-quality glass available. Whether you need a glass table top replacement, or a glass table cover for a DIY project, we've got you covered.

Rectangle glass top dining table with six colorful chairs in a white room

Here's a few things you need to know about our custom glass table tops:

  • You can fully customize your table top: glass thickness, type of glass (including gray, bronze, and Opaque-Clear), tempering, edge types and corners.
  • We custom-cut your glass table top when you place your order, so we are able to guarantee the quality of your product.
  • Your product will usually ship within 5-7 business days. Our instock products usually ship faster, within 1-3 business days. Explore our pre-made collection here.
  • Don't forget to order glass desk bumpers if you're putting the glass on top of a surface and want protection! Shop desk bumpers here.
Glass Types & Colors

Choose from 6 glass types for your custom-cut glass table top.

Clear Glass
A clear experience Clear Glass
HD Glass
An ultra-clear choice Low Iron Glass
Opaque Glass
A sand-blasted option Opaque-Clear Glass
Polar Glass

A textured, private note

Polar Glass
Bronze Glass

A warm brown tint

Bronze Glass
Gray Glass

A smokey gray shade

Gray Glass

Glass Edge Finishes

How you are going to use your glass table top will dictate the glass edge finishes that you use. Also, your edges will look slightly different on round table tops and square or rectangle tops, and even a little different depending on the corners that you choose. Below are some of the most common edge types.

Beveled Edge
Beveled Edge Eased Corner

Beveled edges are finished to be thinner at the edges. You can choose the width of the bevel you want when you are customizing your glass.

Flat Polished Edge
Flat Polish Edge Eased Corner

Flat polished edges are ground down to be smooth and safe for you to use anywhere. Works well when glass is inset in a frame.

Pencil Polished Edge
Pencil Edge Eased Corner

Pencil polished edges are rounded for safety and a beautiful look. Looks especially nice when used as a surface protector or glass table cover.

Seamed Edge
Seamed Edge Eased Corner

A seamed edge is sanded off lightly for when you need minimal finishing. Choose this type when you won’t see the edges of the glass.

Glass Thickness

Choose from 4 glass thicknesses for your convenience.

Find out more about glass thicknesses here.

Thickness 3/16": This size is suitable for light applications like table covers.
Thickness 1/4": This size is suitable for glass table covers and some glass that fits inside a frame or inset.
Thickness 3/8": This glass is suitable for use as a glass table cover or when the glass sits on a pedestal.
Thickness 1/2": The thickest glass available; suitable for heavy-duty applications and when the glass sits on a pedestal.

Tempered Glass

It’s best to choose tempered glass for any kind of glass table top. Tempering means that the glass has been heat treated and cooled for extra durability. If a tempered glass table top is struck or broken, it will shatter into small, harmless pieces rather than large, sharp shards of glass. For a glass table cover, you wouldn't really need to choose tempered glass, but it does add an extra layer of safety in case you were to drop something on your table.

Glass Table Top FAQs

Measuring the size of your glass table top is easy. If you are replacing a broken piece, simply order the dimensions you had before if you know them. You can make an approximate guess; most pedestals will support a bit smaller or larger than the original glass. If you are ordering a glass table cover to protect the surface of an existing table, simply measure the length and width, for squares or rectangles. For round tables, measure through the exact center of the table to get the diameter, which is all you need.

If you have glass that sits in a metal or other type of frame, like an inset, you will need to measure carefully. Glass is cut to a 1/8” tolerance, meaning it will be exact or up to ?” larger or smaller than your exact measurements. Make sure the frame is straight and that you are measuring carefully as custom glass cannot be returned.

Please view our guide on table top measuring here.

Glass table covers are a wonderful way to protecting valuable or antique furniture without hiding its beauty. With a protective glass table cover, your wood, marble or metal table's surface is safe from spills, stains, dings and scratches. No need for placemats or tablecloths – you can put hot casserole dishes or cups of coffee on the table without worrying they'll harm your table's finish.

No waxing or polishing – glass table covers wipe clean so much easier than wood or marble finishes. With their transparent surface and custom fit, glass table covers won't detract from the impact of your table while they keep it clean and hygienic.

A glass table top is glass that sits on a pedestal or in a frame. A glass table cover (also called a glass furniture protector) is glass that sits on the surface of an existing table, such as on an antique desk, a countertop, a vanity or any other surface you’d like to protect.

This really depends on what you are using the table top for. For a glass table cover, you might choose a 1/4"-thick glass. For a pedestal table, where the glass is the surface of the table, you may want to select thicker glass, like 3/8" or 1/2" glass. Keep in mind that the thicker glass can get very heavy. Check our our glass thickness guide here.

A custom glass table top takes between 5 and 7 business days to fabricate at our facility. It will be shipped to your home, free of charge, after we finish fabricating it. FedEx shipping can take between 1 and 5 business days. You will receive a tracking number to track your order once it is shipped.

If you have a glass table top you are using for a dining table, make sure you use a trivet when you are putting anything hot on the table. Very high temperatures can make a glass table top crack, but glass can withstand normal heat if used with trivets or hot pads.

You can order glass desk bumpers to put between the glass and the surface of your table for an added level of protection.

The answer to this really depends on the size of the pedestal you are using for your glass. The pedestal has to be big enough to support the weight of the table and supportive enough that a too-large piece of glass won’t tip. If you’re looking for guidance on table sizes, have a look at our dining room table size guide here.

Clipped corners are corners that have been cut off at a 45-degree angle and polished for safety. If you are purchasing a glass table cover and need an exact match to a table you have, you’ll want to make sure you measure properly. Please visit our guide on clipped corners here.

Radius corners are curved around to a certain angle and width. If you are purchasing a glass table cover and the table you are covering has radius corners, you will need to make sure that you get a glass cover that will fit perfectly. Please visit our guide on radius corners here.

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