Custom Glass Backsplash

Simple, seamless style that lasts

Banish grout lines in the kitchen (and bathroom too) with seamless, light-enhancing glass panels. As a design choice, a glass backsplash instantly updates any kitchen. But it's extremely practical too. The larger panels are easier to clean, add reflective light and open up kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Choose among clear, Opaque-Clear, patterned, tinted and now fully colored glass. Colored glass enhances the sleek, clean style of modern homes and commercial spaces, adding a touch of elegance when blended into traditional interiors. This versatile product introduces a new design alternative to tile, laminate, granite, marble and even wood applications.

Glass Backsplash

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Glass Backsplash Colors

The new back-painted glass brings rich hues into a sleek design, and most colors are available at major paint manufacturers, including Benjamin Moore, Pottery Barn and Sherwin-Williams color codes.

Kitchen glass backsplash
Above are just a few of our many color options. Click a color to view.

Why Choose a Glass Backsplash?

Practicality: Glass is durable and easy to install. It's also easier to clean and more hygienic for kitchen and bathroom uses.

Style & Beauty: A glass backsplash adds a clean, sleek and seamless look to any room. It instantly updates kitchens and bathrooms.

Enhanced Light: Glass backsplashes reflect light back into the room.

Unique Possibilities: Instead of installing a glass backsplash as a single sheet, create endless designs and patterns with smaller cuts, colors and patterns.

Warranty: Dulles Glass and Mirror offers a warranty on all installations.

How Do We Make Back Painted Glass?

Back-painted glass technology is simple and durable. A special color application is applied to the back of a glossy glass panel (not the side to be used as surface area). Painting the backside of glass protects the color application from scratches and other environmental wear while preserving the reflective quality of the glass.

To maintain color integrity, HDglass panels are used. HDglass minimizes the iron particles that give glass its natural green tint; the result is an ultra clear product.

Glass Backsplash Applications

Design your glass backsplash today.

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