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Customize Your Own Home Gym Mirror

Creating the perfect home, garage, or basement gym begins with the following steps:

  1. First, figure out how many rectangle gym mirrors you’ll need. They should have the length of 60" or 72" with flat polished edges.
  2. Then, figure out the layout of your mirrors. We make specific recommendations for where to mount gym mirrors on your wall.
  3. Add a set of chrome round mirror clips - A set of 4 clips per mirror are needed.
  4. Add a J-bar, and mounting screws. J-bars come in two lengths: 60" long and 72" long; depending on the width of your mirror.
  5. Make sure to add safety backing for shatter resistance.
  6. Add glue and our famous glass cleaner for a streak free experience.
  7. Finally, use our Gym Mirror Installation Guide. They’re easy to install for a great weekend DIY project!
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About Our Custom Mirrors

Sometimes, you want a mirror that is exactly what you want: the shape, size, edges, and even color. The beauty of a custom glass mirror from Dulles Glass & Mirror is that you can customize to your exact specifications. When you order a custom mirror, we fabricate it right in our own facility. That means you get exactly what you want -- quickly!

Here are some fast facts about our custom mirrors:

  • We use only the highest-quality mirror sheets to fabricate your custom mirror.
  • The maximum size in one sheet for shipping is 98” x 80”.
  • Our mirrors are 1/4" thick mirror; this is the most commonly used thickness in the market.
  • Your custom order will arrive at your doorstep intact, within 5-7 business days.

Custom Mirror Ideas

Custom mirrors are a beautiful asset to any wall, of course. But there are many other uses for custom mirrors that our customers have shared with us over time.

  • Above bathroom vanities - two ovals can replace a long rectangle mirror or vice versa.
  • DIY furniture projects, like custom woodwork cabinets, hutches, and other furniture projects
  • Weddings - our customers have ordered round and oval mirrors for their reception table tops, gifts and more
  • Craft projects, like the ones featured on our Reflections blog.
  • Home decor, especially for tiny home and small spaces, where mirrors help a room look bigger and brighter.
  • Table covers - many of our customers have made table tops out of mirrors for their end tables, night stands and more.
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beveled edge

Edge Types for Custom Mirrors

We recommend several edge types for your custom mirror. You'll choose these options during the customization step of ordering your mirror.

  • Flat Polish Edge: In this application the edges of the mirror have been polished to a smooth shiny finish. Choose a flat polish when the edges of your mirror are visible and you prefer a minimalistic look.
  • Beveled Polish Edge: In this edge type the edges of the mirror are cut and polished in an angle with a specific bevel width to produce a certain "look". This process leaves the mirror thinner around the edges and thicker in the center. This is normally used in places where the mirror is a focal point in the room. The bevel width around the mirror can range in size from 1/4" to 1 3/4". Please choose your bevel width during the customization step of your order.
  • Seamed Edge: In this application, after the mirror is cut the edges are sanded to dull the sharp edges. This is to make the mirror safe to handle. Choose a seamed edge if the mirror is to be framed and in applications where the edges are not visible.

Safety Backing for Your Custom Mirror

Safety backing is a custom option you can choose when ordering your custom mirror. Here are a few facts about safety backing that will help you decide if you need it.

  • If your mirror breaks, glass fragments are held in place to reduce the risk of injury from shattered glass. This also makes cleanup easier.
  • Strengthens the mirror overall so that if an object strikes the mirror, it is more durable against breakage.
  • Safety backing prevents moisture entrapment to keep mirror from delamination.

Custom Mirror Installation

You have several choices for installing your custom mirror. In general, you will need to be sure to install your mirror on a sturdy part of your wall (on studs if you can). Typically, we recommend that our customers use mirror mastic and either decorative clips or j-bars to install their mirror, for extra support.

mirror installation

Mirror Mastic:

  • Provides tight and permanent bond.
  • Perfect for DIY projects.
  • Can be used in high humidity areas (30° up to 100°F).
  • Environmentally friendly & low emitting material.

Decorative Clips:

  • Install on corners or sides of lighter weight mirrors.
  • Installation screws and anchors are included.
  • Come in three finishes: chrome, brass, and brushed nickel.

J-bars or L-bars

  • Used to support the top or bottom of a heavier mirror.
  • Available in three finishes: chrome, brushed nickel and brass

Help Videos

Mirror Edge Work
Custom Mirror Options
How to Install Round Mirrors

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Mirror prices are influenced by a variety of factors, and a good mirror is one that is suitable for your project. The following factors influence the mirror pricing and whether it is appropriate for your project: Size, shape, thickness, and type of mirror. Among the other factors that will influence the selection of a mirror are: whether the mirror is a lead or copper free mirror, whether the mirror is made of HD glass or regular annealed glass, and whether the mirror has a safety backing or lamination.

There are a number of factors that can be used to determine the quality of a mirror. Things such as The purity of the sheet of glass, The flatness of the sheet of glass, The thickness of the mirror’s glass, and the reflective coating on the glass (this coat turns the sheet of glass into a mirror). The thickness of a mirror is the most important factor in determining its quality. When it comes to quality, 1/4" is the best choice, since it will not distort the reflection, even if the wall the mirror is mounted on is not perfectly flat.

The best mirrors are those that are lead and copper free. HD glass provides exceptional clarity. A laminated mirror (Mirasafe) offers superior safety. When weight is a determining factor, acrylic mirrors may be the best choice. Mirrors with a thickness of 1/4 inch are the most popular and considered to be the best for a glass mirror. The quality of the silver backing in the mirror will determine the clarity of the reflection.

The largest sizes for online orders are 69 15/16" x 69 15/16"; however if you need a larger size (up to 84" x 130") please call our mirror experts at 1-866-452-7707, or request a quote.

After your order is received, our manufacturing process usually takes 5 to 7 business days. Once your order is fulfilled, we will ship it immediately and send you a confirmation email with tracking information.

We do not currently sell a framed mirror or mirror frames. We do sell frameless mirrors, mirror clips, and mirror channels.

At Dulles Glass & Mirror we specialize in on-site edging for:

Flat polish edge mirrors: A flat edge, the most common, has been sanded down and polished to a smooth shiny finish. Mirrors with flat polish edges are an excellent addition to a modern, minimalist décor.

Beveled edge mirrors: A beveled edge involves cutting and polishing a mirror with a specific bevel width, which is chosen by the buyer during customization. Normal bevel widths can range in size from 1/4" to 1-3/4". The end product is very attractive; making beveled edge mirrors a perfect stand-alone decorative element for any room. For more information about beveled edge customization, go to our beveled mirror page.

Seamed edge mirrors: A seamed edge is applied to mirrors primarily as a safety precaution. The rough edges are sanded down, making the mirror easier to handle. However, due to the relatively unfinished look of a seamed edge, this type of mirror is mainly recommended for framing.

For all things 'Bronze Mirror' please visit our bronze mirror page. These are beautifully tinted mirrors with a bronze hue. We also offer gray mirror.

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