Custom Cabinet Glass

Sleek, Fresh and Always Appealing

Once upon a time, cabinet glass was only seen in museums or grandma's corner hutch. Now, anyone can order clear, opaque-clear, patterned and colored cabinet glass for doors, cabinet inserts and cabinet shelves.

Classic ultra-clear glass inserts for kitchen cabinets and glass shelves will never lose style. Opaque-Clear and acid-etched glass patterns continue to add interest. Now, we introduce glass backsplash to give homeowners a full color palette for glass decor. Colored glass, the newest trend, puts the fun back into living. Splash color and light in kitchens, bathrooms, even dull hallways. For a sleek look, colored cabinet glass can replace an entire set of wooden kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Glass
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Why Customize Cabinets with Glass Doors and Glass Shelves?

Upgrade & Value: Though affordable, glass products are considered an appealing and reliable home upgrade to add value.

Update: Modernize kitchens and bath without paying for a complete renovation.

Appeal: Choose styles that appeal to home buyers today.

Cabinet Glass
Cabinet Glass

Cabinet Glass Applications

Replace existing glass door with fresh colored glass.

  • Add colored glass shelves to cabinets with existing glass doors. This enhances the cabinets as a focal point and incorporates room color.
  • Replace outdated wooden cabinet doors and sides.
  • Replace wooden shelves with custom glass.

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