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Do It Yourself Gifts For Mom

Mother's Day is right around the corner: Sunday, May 8, 2022. Have you found the perfect gift for your mom (or special lady in your life)? If not, these do it yourself gifts for mom will last for years to come. We'll show you what some of our customers have ...

5/1/2018 4:00:49 PM

4 Mirror Trends for a Modern Home

Mirrors have always been a trend, and they are not leaving anytime soon! Why not add one to your home decor? Mirrors look great anywhere in a home, whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, or living room!

4/21/2022 6:16:27 PM

5 Benefits of Adding a Home Gym Mirror to Your Home

Dulles Glass offers the best of the best safety gym mirrors for your home and business. You’re probably thinking, “Why would I need a gym mirror when I can buy a regular mirror, or why would I need a mirror at all?” Let me answer it for you.

4/14/2022 3:33:00 PM

7 Creative Ways to Use Glass for Your DIYs

New customer DIYs are in and we wanted to share it with you! Here are some great projects you can create at home that are simple and easy.

3/30/2022 1:53:39 PM

5 Bathroom Trends to Explore in 2022

Here’s what 2022 has in store for your bathrooms, transforming them into a sanctuary at the comfort of your own home.

3/14/2022 1:55:55 PM

Dulles Glass Donates $1000 to Help Customer Who Lost Everything in Marshall Fire

Dulles Glass' Customer lost their house, cars, animals, and all of their belongings in the fire. Dulles Glass donates $1000 to their GoFundMe campaign and helps to collect more donations.

2/24/2022 8:41:55 PM

Office Glass Ideas for Home & Business

Need some ways to upscale the look of your office space? With our premium customizable glass and mirrors at Dulles Glass, we’ve got just what you need! Keep scrolling for trending ideas our designers have put together and get inspired to renovate your workspace. Glass Table Cover Protect the surfaces ...

11/3/2021 12:54:48 AM

How to Choose the Right Glass Table Top

Choosing the right glass table top can be confusing at some point. We make it easy to choose the right thickness and finish for you!

11/16/2020 7:45:43 PM

Summer DIY Trend - Foam Mirrors

Upscale your home decor with this quick and easy foam mirror DIY project. With only a couple materials create a cloud like foam mirror decoration that will create a wow factor in your home.

6/9/2021 2:51:19 AM

Glass & Mirror Wedding Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Guest Say WOW

Glass and mirror wedding decor ideas

5/20/2021 6:23:27 PM

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