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When are metal clips used in a frameless shower?

When planning your frameless shower there are two hardware options to choose from. You can either build your frameless shower with premium-grade metal clips or you can build it with U-channels, long rails your glass panels sit in.

The decision you make affects the price and look of your shower.

Metal clips are used to create a true frameless appearance. These two-inch heavy clips secure the glass panels of your frameless shower, to a floor, wall or another glass panel, preserving an all-glass look.

To reinforce a heavy glass frameless shower, metal clips are solid and thick, providing ample strength to stabilize glass panels.

The number of metal clips you'll need will depend on the specifications of your shower design and the size of each glass panel. Each clip requires a custom notch cut in your glass panel to create a tight fit. This is where the cost of using metal-clips for assembly increases over U-channels. It simply costs more for precision glass work.

Metal clips are made to fit either 3/8" of 1/2" heavy glass, and are available in various styles and finishes. Clients can choose square, rectangular and oval hinges to blend with both traditional and modern bathroom fixtures.

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