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We are a leading glass and mirror fabricator located in Manassas, VA with capabilities of distributing glass nationally. We specialize in all forms of plate glass and can procure all forms of glass products nationally and internationally.


Pricing of wholesale glass, mirrors, tempered wholesale glass, and glass table tops, depends on many factors which include: the type of glass, thickness of glass, and many other features that may be specific to the glass or mirror. While these factors are specific to the task at hand and cannot be changed, there are factors that can be controlled and would impact the pricing greatly:

Our capabilities include:

  • Tempered Glass
  • Edge work including flat polish, beveled edge and pencil polish
  • Drilling
  • Packaging
  • CNC cuts
  • Volume cuts
  • Shape polish
  • Shape bevel
  • Volume packaging and crating

Our customers:

  • Hotels
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Glass Shops
  • Anyone needing to purchase glass or tempered glass in bulk
Whole Sale Glass