Water Spot Remover

Water Spot Remover

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Product Description

Water Spot Remover eliminates any residue left on glass including: water spotting, dust, dirt, alkaline residues, mineral, chemical, and hard water deposits. Comes in quart bottle.

Water Spot Remover goes beyond standard cleaning methods and dissolves away glass stains caused by acid rain, auto exhaust, hard water, and stage I corrosion. Used by professional window cleaning contractors.


  • Effectively Removes Water and Mineral Stains, Rust, Tree Sap, Paint Overspray, Soap Scum, and Mildew From Glass and Other Surfaces
  • Works Great On: Shower Doors, Windows, Glass Surfaces, Tile, Fiberglass, Windshields, Chrome, Porcelain, CorianĀ®, Anodized Brass and Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Hard Vinyl
  • Removes Stage One Corrosion Quickly

Additional Information

Stage One Corrosion is defined as glass with light corrosion, and little or no damage to the glass. Stage Two Corrosion occurs when the deposits are no longer on the surface of the glass, but have started to break down the molecular structure of the glass, leaving an etched or white haze on the glass after the stain has been removed. This product will not repair glass with Stage Two Corrosion.

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