Round Mirrors

We keep round mirrors in stock so that you can order and receive them quickly. Choose from the variety of round mirror sizes below to see more options.

Custom Mirrors

Round Mirror Options

beveled round mirror

Our in-stock round mirrors come with popular options available for you. For example, large round mirrors usually come with an attractive 1” beveled edge and safety backing. Small round mirrors usually have a flat-polish edge. Some of our in-stock round mirrors come with a hook on the back for hanging, while some are available without hooks for customers who would rather affix the mirrors to the wall with glue.

Here are some fast facts about our selection of in-stock round mirrors:

  • We try to keep the most popular options for round mirrors available at all times.
  • Our round mirrors vary in size from 6" to 42" and we will be adding new sizes frequently.
  • All of our round mirrors are made from high-quality 1/4" thick mirror glass.
  • Some mirror sizes are available in boxes of 10 for when you need bulk round mirrors.

Small Round Mirrors

Many of our customers have shared projects where they are using small round mirrors. Here are a few:

  • Weddings - as gorgeous centerpieces with flowers or candles.
  • Events - arranged in groups for decorations on tables or walls.
  • Decorative mirror arrangements - many people create unique patterns on their walls with small mirrors as the base.
  • DIY projects and crafts - our DIY customers love using our mirrors for creative crafts and projects.
wedding center piece mirror

Large Round Mirrors

round mirror for home and business

Large round mirrors are versatile, too! Many of our customers have shared how they have used large round mirrors in their homes and businesses. Here are a few examples of where to use large mirrors:

  • Bathroom vanities - with the pretty beveled edges and easy installation with hooks, our large round mirrors are perfect for bathrooms.
  • Wall mirrors - large round mirrors make great statement pieces or focal points in a room, such as foyers or above fireplaces.
  • Table tops or furniture covers - many of our customers use large round mirrors as table tops for DIY projects or just to update and add glamor to their existing furniture.

Mixing Large and Small Round Mirrors as Wall Art

It’s easy to choose a selection of small and large mirrors to create an art piece that is perfect for your home. If you want to mix it up even further, choose different shapes also! We have in-stock square mirrors and rectangle mirrors that are suitable for this purpose.

This mirror wall art includes a variety of different sizes of round mirrors, from 6" and 8" to a much larger 36" mirror as the main focal point. Creating your own art piece like this can really make your home unique!

round mirror wall art

Installing Round Mirrors

Some of our mirrors come with hooks on the back for easy installation. For others, you’re going to want to make sure you purchase mirror clips or mirror glue to attach the mirror to the wall.

Before ordering a set of mirror clips, be sure to review the item information regarding glass thickness and weight requirements.

Our mirror glue provides a tight, permanent bond that is perfect for DIY projects or putting up a bathroom mirror.

Most of our in-stock mirrors can be installed with one person, although for larger sizes you may prefer to have help.

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