Shower Sweeps

Shower Plastic Sweeps Explained
  • Clear Color for a Clean Look
  • Available for 3/8", 1/4", 1/2" Thick Glass
  • Keeps the Water Inside your Shower
  • Acts as a Water Resistant Seal
  • Snaps on with Ease for a Quick Shower Door Install
  • Top Selling Sweep Kits
  • Available Individually or in Convenient Kits
  • Comes in Popular 98 Inch Stock Length

Shower Door Sweep Kits

Shower Sweep Kits consist of:

  • Qty.1 x 98" Long Clear Strike Angle Jamb for Single Shower Doors (H-Jamb for 90 Degree and 180 Degree Glass-To-Glass)
  • Qty.1 x 98" Long Clear PVC Seal & Wipe
  • Qty.1 x 98" Long Clear Bottom Sweep with Drip Rail

These plastic sweep kits are available for the following glass thicknesses: 1/4",1/2",3/8" -- and the following shower door configurations: Single, 90 Degree, 180 Degree shower doors. Giving your shower door a clean look and keeping the water inside of your shower. Clear Color Polycarbonate. Sweeps can be purchased individually or in kits.

Shower Door Sweep Kits

Questions and Answers

What is a shower sweep and do I need one for my shower door?

When your frameless swing or pivot shower door is installed, we need to leave clearance space between the bottom of the door and the floor so that the door can swing open without scraping tile. A water sweep is used to prevent water leaking through that clearance space.

For frameless shower doors, the water sweep is attached to a clear rail or aluminum u channel rail that fits over the bottom of the door. The flexible or vinyl sweep hangs down off the rail to seal the shower door clearance gap, as shown in this picture.

If a frameless shower door will receive water spray, a combination water sweep with drip rail should be used under the door. The drip rail attaches to the top of the inner U-channel to deflect water rolling off the inside door.

Shower Sweep
Water Sweeps

You may not need a water sweep for your frameless shower door if:

  • The doorway of your shower is elevated with tile work.
  • The floor of your shower slants away from your door and the frameless shower door is not within reach of the showerhead spray
  • You're installing a European wet room
Can you design a shower door that doesn't leak?

With proper design and installation, frameless showers should not have problems with water leakage, but they are not 100 percent watertight. Fixed glass panels are sealed at the base of the floor and along the sides with clear silicone sealant. Most water seepage comes from the frameless glass door which needs at least 1/4" clearance space along the top, bottom and opening side. And there are many ways to prevent water leakage around a frameless shower door. Here's what we recommend:


  • Install a shower sweep with drip rail onto the bottom of your frameless glass shower door. This will tighten up the clearance space under the door and prevent water.
  • Add a back sweep to the rear of the door. It's a clear vinyl seal mounted with hi-bond tape.
  • Use a doorstop. Our clear polycarbonate doorstops fit over the edge of an adjacent glass panel and have a lip that extends out to catch the frameless shower door preventing it from swinging into the shower. By catching the door, this jam temporarily closes clearance space along the door opening.


  • Do not direct water spray at the frameless shower door!! Your protective seals improve water tightness, but a glass shower isn't an aquarium. We automatically seal door hinges to give them a protective property as well, but the hinges aren't waterproof.
  • Do not neglect to replace seals. Over time, sweeps and stops may need replacing just as car seals and hoses do. If your frameless glass shower suddenly seems less watertight, check your seals.
When and how do I replace the vinyl seal and water sweep on my frameless shower?

These seals last several years. You'll want to replace them if you notice a decline in water tightness.

The seals and sweeps are very easy to replace and we have them in stock all the time. You can purchase these and install on your own.

Can I remove the clear vinyl seals and the shower sweep that fit around my frameless shower door?

We've discovered that many of our clients remove their vinyl seals and the shower sweep after we leave, in favor of an all glass door.

If you feel that you don't need a vinyl seal or shower sweep for water protection, and the showerhead does not point directly at your shower door, it is perfectly harmless to remove these protective seals.

How do I clean my bottom shower sweep and the side vinyl seal around my frameless shower door?

Our clear vinyl seals and shower sweeps for frameless doors snap on over the glass edge, and can be removed and replaced, if necessary. However, there should be no need to clean vinyl seals or shower sweeps for many years.

If you find these are in need of cleaning, you can easily clean your shower sweep and your vinyl seal. Snap them off and use a cloth with warm water and a little bleach. Dry your shower sweep and vinyl seal, then just snap them back on again.