Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue (20 G)

Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue (20 G)

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Product Description

Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue

Professional-Grade Decorative Glass Glue for Everyday Projects

Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue is the preferred choice of home design experts, artists and DYI enthusiasts who need a high quality decorative, invisible curing glass bond.

This low-viscosity liquid adhesive is the perfect glue for applying beveled glass-to-glass, logos to glass, and mirror to glass, and cures easily with any fluorescent light, with no need for UV rays. Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue comes in an easy-to-squeeze and pour 50g (1.7635 oz.) bottle and can provide a strong invisible bond that will enhance all types of glass-based projects.

Whether the job calls for significant bonding or lightweight decorations, Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue leaves a clean finish with no smudging or streaking, and is 100% safe for everyday use.

For projects that require more glue, Nano470 Construction Glass Glue is also available in 1Kg and 200G containers.



  • 100% safe
  • Low viscosity
  • Easy to use
  • Invisible liquid
  • Bonds glass to glass and glass to other materials (non-construction – for construction grade, see Nan0470 Construction Glass Glue)
  • No UV light required
  • Bonds with white fluorescent light

Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue



Additional Information

Comes in the following sizes: 200 G, 50 G, 20 G

Nano470 Decorative Glass Glue (20 G) Reviews

Review Snapshot: Average customer ratings: 5 star based on 4 customer reviews.

5 star Nano470

  • Written By Reviewer
  • February 01, 2015
  • CA

After trying a few different "clear" glass glues to make small display cases, I found that they ended up not perfectly clear and were tough to put together. Even though the loctite glass glue was fast to adhere, the bond is not perfect and I had to spend a lot of time sanding the sides down just to get it close enough to adhere at all. With the Nano470 on the other hand (though it takes maybe 60 seconds per piece to adhere) it works great. The bonds are much stronger and I found that I don't even have to sand both sides of the glass pieces in order for them to bond. The bond is also much stronger so I feel much more comfortable with them. The Nano470 also is super clear once it dries, creating a beautiful display case rather then the slightly whitened edges. Not that much more expensive (mostly due to the amount 20g vs normal 0.7-4g) but does so much better of a job I would recommend it to anyone gluing glass to glass. This product has made it so that I feel much more inclined to work with glass rather then acrylic. Thanks for the great product!

5 star Crafty

  • Written By GS Barkley
  • January 30, 2015
  • Carolina Shores NC

I've purchased this glue before and was skeptical of it's holding quality. After breaking a glass item that I had glued, and the connection did not break, I knew I had to get more. Best glass glue EVER!

3 star Am I doing something wrong

  • Written By Robert Kershaw
  • October 08, 2014
  • Barre VT

I like how it works but I must be doing something wrong. I leave the florescent light on it for quite a while and it still is not strong enough and I can separate it. Please advise.

5 star Agate Window

  • Written By Margie Gerber
  • July 27, 2014
  • Kenosha WI

I just completed a very gorgeous hanging window made with various agate slices/slabs. I needed a 'permanent' glue that would cure clear that could adhere the agate slices to glass. Dulles' 'Nano470' was PERFECT for my project. Will always use Dulles. Very Happy :)