Mirror Pivots

Ever feel like your wall mirror is just too...stationary? Are you tired of your "full length mirror" that never quite makes it down to your feet? Or that vanity mirror that shows a perfect close-up of your face, but makes it impossible to see your hair. There is no need to purchase a new, bigger mirror. A cheaper solution is available: Mirror Pivots!

Mirror pivots are wall mounts which hold a mirror. The pivots project away from the wall, allowing a mirror to actually "pivot" or rotate. This gives a mirror a greater range of reflected area. Easy and quick to install, a pivot can allow mirror access to even the most awkward spaces with minimal effort.

Are Mirror Pivots recommended for all mirror types?

Mirror pivots are ideal for custom size mirrors. We strongly recommend that use the pivots with flat polished mirrors. Seamed edge may not be the best as mirror pivots are intended to be used on frameless mirrors. On the other hand this pivots are not designed to work with bevel edged mirrors. The angled finish interferes with the hardware installation.