J Bar Mirror Hanging Hardware For Frameless Mirror Installation & Support

J Bar Explained
  • J-Shaped mirror mounting channel
  • Fit up to 1/4" of an inch thick mirrors
  • Decorative and functional metal support for the bottom of the mirror
  • For use with flat polished mirrors
  • 5/8" of visible channel on the face
  • Available in popular 98" inch stock length
  • Easy-to-install mirror installation system

J Bar Mirror Installation Hardware for Flat Polished Mirrors

Chrome J Bar

The J Bar channel, is a mirror mounting hardware accessory used to hang frameless wall mounted mirrors by supporting the bottom portion of the mirror. These bottom supports will provide a sturdy and seamless mirror installation. J Bars can fit up to 1/4" of an inch thick mirrors and are ideal for flat polished mirrors, where the mirror's edges will rest inside of the J-bar. Be sure to check that your walls are relatively flat and plumb before installing the J-bar.

For bevel polished and decorative edged mirrors, we recommend the L Bar.