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Clear Rubber Desk Bumpers  19.1mm x 1.9mm Hemispherical

Clear Rubber Desk Bumpers 19.1mm x 1.9mm Hemispherical


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Product Description

Clear Rubber Desk Bumpers are the perfect rubber spacer between glass and tables. This includes tables, pedestals, and other furniture tops. These rubber desk bumpers control the movement of the glass and absorb the shock, on many types of surfaces including wood, metal, and plastic.

These polyurethane bumpers are the ideal cushions for leveling your glass table top, while also affixing it, so your table tops don't skid. It also protects the underneath side of the glass from being scratched by one's table. These bumpers have peel and stick adhesive on the bottom for easy application, and appear nearly invisible underneath the glass.

Non-Staining | Easy 'Peel-&-Stick' Application | Crack Resistant | Superior Abrasion Resistance | Vibration & Shock Dampening | Low Resistance to Skidding

Clear Rubber Desk Bumpers | 1 Strip. of 7 Bumpers | Dimensions .750" x .075" | Diameter x Height 19.1mm x1.9mm | Hemispherical Shape

Clear Rubber Desk Bumpers 19.1mm x 1.9mm Hemispherical illustration

CLR .750" x .075" (19.1mm x 1.9mm) HEMISPHERICAL BUMBER W/ADHESIVE (7 ea. Per Bag)


1 Strip of Glass Desk Bumpers

Additional Information

Provides enough desk bumpers for two glass table tops.

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