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30 Round Glass Table Top, 3/8 Thick, Flat Polished, Tempered

30" Round Glass Table Top, 3/8" Thick, Flat Polished, Tempered


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30" Round Glass Table Top

30" round glass table top with 3/8" flat polished edge. Perfect both as a protective top surface on an existing table, or as the actual glass surface of a new table. Great for both indoors and outdoors. The edges of the glass are polished to provide a smooth finish.

This circular glass table top can also be used in situations where the entire surface is made out of glass. The glass table top compliments any base made of glass, wood, metal or any other material. To increase the strength of the glass, it is tempered. This type of glass is also known as safety glass. Weight 37.6 lbs.

Round Glass Table Top


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