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1/4'' Thick Beveled Polished Mirror with Hook


Product Description

About Our Square Beveled Mirrors

Beautiful square beveled mirrors are so versatile for your décor. Each mirror we make is crafted from ¼” thick mirror glass, and each has a 1” bevel-polished edge for a refined look.  The corners have been rounded slightly so that they are not sharp and dangerous.  Here are a few ideas for where to use square mirrors in your home:

  • Small space bathroom vanities
  • Side-by-side for a larger-format tiled look
  • As a backsplash in your kitchen
  • Above a fireplace, either installed on the wall or leaning
  • In your bedroom above your backboard
  • As a table or furniture cover for a side table
Two square wall mirrors

Square Beveled Mirrors for Bathrooms

Bathroom vanity mirror

Our square beveled mirrors can be used as bathroom vanity mirrors. Two placed side-by-side in a dual vanity situation will look great, especially in smaller bathrooms where a square format works better than a rectangle.

You can even place two directly side-by-side for a more seamless look. High-quality, substantial-looking glass mirrors from Dulles Glass & Mirror are not your average square mirrors! A classic look crafted with precision glass-cutting machinery pairs with high-quality raw materials to produce a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece.

Each mirror comes with three hooks on the back, making installation a total breeze!

Square Mirrors for Wedding Centerpieces

Many of our customers are using square mirrors, especially the beveled ones, as wedding centerpieces. If you own a wedding venue, having several 18” square mirrors on hand could make it so easy on the bride and groom ahead of time. Or, buy them for your own wedding and raffle off each table’s high-quality beveled mirror for door prizes.

To make your own wedding centerpieces out of a square (or round) mirror, we suggest a simple formula of some seasonally appropriate foliage (fresh flowers in spring and summer, fall foliage, or holly and pine for the winter), some wedding-related confetti to match your theme, a hand-written table number card, and soft-glowing LED lights piled in a bowl. A clear glass bowl with floating candles would be a great choice – the mirror will reflect the soft glow of your LED lights or candles for a romantic wedding centerpiece.

Square mirror for wedding centerpiece

Square Mirror Sizes

Currently, we offer a big square mirror in the 36" size. This size is great for bathroom vanities or decorative wall mirrors that are going to be the focal point of your room. You could even place three large-scale mirrors side-by-side in a row for a dramatic piece of mirror art. Or, place several sizes together in a pattern to add drama and interest. Our square mirrors, paired with our rectangular mirrors, can come together to create a unique wall design.

We also have the 30" square mirror. This is a versatile, medium-scale mirror that would be great in a smaller powder room, a smaller bedroom, or foyer. The 30" beveled mirror also works well with DIY mirror crafts like small side table toppers or paired together as a piece of mirror art.

The 18" square mirrors we have in-stock are great for creating a mirrored wall. Slightly bigger in scale than 12" x 12" mirror tiles that are common in DIY projects these days, the 18" x 18" mirror tiles create a more dramatic presentation than the smaller-scale tiles. These small square mirrors are also perfect to use as wedding centerpieces, as we mentioned earlier. The beveled edges convey a sense of sophistication for a formal wedding, but they'll easily match a more rustic wedding décor, especially with some artfully-placed decorations to match the season.

Any of our large or small square mirrors could work as the base for a holiday-themed centerpiece. And, you'd have a high-quality mirror to use after the holidays anywhere in your home.


Mirror Type Clear Mirror
Mirror Thickness 1/4" (6mm)
Edge Work 1" Beveled Polished
Mounting Hook Yes
Corner 90 Degree Touch
Size 36"
Price $109.95

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