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Quadro™ Sliding Shower and Tub Doors

Beauty, performance, and durability.

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Simplicity is the
Ultimate Sophistication.

Beauty, performance, and durability. The latest shower in our signature shower line has it all.

The Quadro™ shower has a minimalist, rectangular header bar at the top to guide the showers. Using high-quality hidden wheel-and-glide systems, the Quadro™ gives you a modern, sleek frameless look.

The proprietary hardware system ensures that your shower won't sag and will glide quietly and smoothly for many years.

Quadro Sliding Doors are Beautiful

Durable Construction

Premium, thick tempered glass gives the Quadro™ shower door a luxurious feel – and is hard to break. The glass stays where it's supposed to because of the top-of-the-line, stainless steel hardware that comes with your new shower.

Other shower doors (like those that you can purchase at a big box retailer) have thin glass and poorer-quality aluminum that is held together with glue! That's not the case with a Quadro™ shower system.

Quadro Sliding Doors in details

Easy Maintenance

Frameless glass panels are easy to clean with a simple squeegee and glass cleaners. Unlike the old frameless showers, there's no bottom track to collect mold and soap scum.

We recommend that you treat your new shower door with ClearShield glass protectant, which is proven to keep the glass cleaner and free of build-up over time.

Quadro Sliding Doors Are Easy to Maintain

Customizable Options

Because we're a full-service glass company, we offer a full range of custom options, including:

  • Configuration of your shower – corners, knee-walls, and special sizes can all be accommodated.
  • Glass thickness – You can choose from several thickness of premium tempered glass
  • Hardware finishes – Choose from oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or chrome

Each shower is made to order, not mass-produced in a factory somewhere far away.

Quadro Details

Quadro™ Sliding Shower Door Hardware

Quadro Sliding Shower Door Hardware
Increase Your Home's Value

This easy, affordable upgrade is not only a pleasure for you to use and enjoy, but for prospective home-buyers as well.

The Centerpiece of Bathroom

The clean, contemporary look of a Quadro™ shower can be the focal point of your bathroom. Heavy frames and rattling tracks are out – streamlined, quiet beauty is in!

Confident Ownership

You can be confident that our warranty is one of the best in the business. For three years, your entire shower is completely covered by Dulles Glass & Mirror.

Get Quotes Starting at $1799*

Quadro™ Sliding Shower Door Construction

Quadro Shower Door Construction

Sturdy Wheel-and-Glide Top Bar

The Quadro™ sliding shower comes with a premium rectangular stainless steel header bar. The glider bar parts are installed through the glass -- not affixed with glue -- so you can be rest assured that the solid construction is made to last. It also glides smoothly and without any sound.

Attractive Hardware & Accessories

On a Quadro™ shower door, one panel is fixed, and the door moves. The fixed panel is held in place by a solid and sturdy U-channel hardware, in the same attractive finish as the rest of your hardware.

Easy Installation

From the initial quote to the measurements to the final installation we pride ourselves in giving you a smooth, easy, fuss-free experience. We respect your home and treat it as though it were our own.

Customizable Handles and Knobs

Choose from a variety of handle styles in beautiful finishes that match your taste. They'll be installed through the glass, not glued on, so you can be confident that they'll last a long time.

Best-in-class Warranty

You can be confident that our warranty is one of the best in the business. For three years, your entire shower is completely covered by Dulles Glass & Mirror. Other shower companies provide separate warranties for glass and hardware, and make you deal with other people. Not us – you deal only with us over the lifetime of your warranty.

Quadro Shower Door Construction Facts

Quadro™ Shower Door Construction Facts

  • There is one fixed panel and one moving panel. Location of the fixed panel is reversible and can be placed on the right or left side.
  • The moving panel moves on three sets of wheels over a metal rod.
  • The Quadro™ can be installed over a bathtub for an easy home upgrade.
  • There is minimal need for support from the walls and installation can be completed even in absence of studs because majority of the glass weight is carried by the stationary glass.
  • Typical overall opening is 60" width by 72" height. Some openings may be wider than 60". Our technican will help you get the right size.
  • Typically used in smaller spaces where there is not enough room for a swing door.

*Terms & Conditions

Your new shower price will start at $1799 for a Quadro™ sliding shower door up to 72" tall and 72" wide; standard 3/8" glass; and chrome, or brushed nickel hardware finish. Additional upgrades are available upon request and include the following for $99/each: upgraded glass type; increase height to 72"; add a towel bar/combo handle; upgraded hardware finish to oil rubbed bronze; ClearShield glass protector.

Not to be combined with any other offers. Washington, DC Metropolitan area only.