Shower Door Glass Types

Glass shower doors can be fabricated from different glass types, colors and patterns. Glass shower doors are no longer just glass. Thanks to designer trends, homeowners now have a variety of glass types, colors, and patterns to choose from. Discover the Glass Types of Shower Door Glass including Clear Glass, HDglass, Frosted, Rain, and Bronze Glass.

Clear Glass
Clear Glass
  • One of the most widely used material inside an average home
  • Allows passage of light and contributes to openness of shower area
  • Easy to maintain
HD Glass
  • Manufactured with reduced iron content
  • Less greenish tint in the glass resulting in exceptional clarity
  • Colorless appearance and higher light transmission
  • True colors of shower tile can be seen from outside of the shower
Frosted Glass
Frosted Glass
  • Produced by acid etching regular glass
  • Distinctive and uniformly smooth and satin like appearance
  • Admits soft light while providing vision control
  • Only one side of the glass is etched leaving the other side smooth for better hygiene
Rain Glass
Rain Glass
  • Beautiful patterns of rain give it a distinctive decorative look
  • Admits soft light while providing vision control
  • Only one side of the glass is patterned leaving the other side smooth for better hygiene
  • Ideal for concealing water marks, finger prints and other minor stains
Bronze Glass
Bronze Glass
  • Is the ideal dark-tint option for shower doors.
  • The opaque bronze glass is both protective and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The tint adds to the privacy of your shower enclosure.
Gray Glass
Gray Glass
  • Is stylish tinted glass type.
  • The dark, silver-based tint looks gray and allows for less transmission of light, adding to the privacy of your glass shower doors.

Shower Door Glass Works

Describes the variety of cut outs and notches that are made for a glass shower door. Shower Door 'Glass Works' are the variety of cut-outs and notches that make a functional glass shower enclosure. They include: Hole, Mitered, Mickey Mouse Cut-Out, and Notched Glass.

Glass Hole
Glass Holes
  • Custom drilled in house, before tempering
  • Holes can be made for such items as: shower door handles, towel rods, robe hooks, etc.
Mickey Mouse Cut Out
Mickey Mouse Cut Outs
  • Custom created and cut for frameless glass shower door hinges. Provides greater structural security
  • Allows hinges to fit flush with the door
  • Secures side and pivot hinges
Mitered Glass
Mitered Glasses
  • Glass pieces are cut at a 45 angle to form a 90 when joined.
  • Water tight and steam-proof
  • Provides superior strength
Glass Shower Door Notch
Glass Shower Door Notchs
  • Custom cut in-house for shower door clamps
  • Minimally visible

Question and Answers

What is the difference between HDglass and clear glass styles?

All clear glass contain some iron particles, which gives glass a slight green hue. This normal green tint can change how your shower tile looks when viewed from the other side of the glass.

But now manufacturers have devised a method to remove most of the iron particles from standard architectural glass. This low-iron glass provides excellent clarity and true color representation for bathroom tile or marble.

HDglass puts your shower design on display, giving a near invisible and airy feel to your entire room.

What is the difference between standard and heavy shower glass?

Standard shower glass is essentially used in framed showers constructed with either 3/16- or 1/4-inch thick glass. The glass is not strong enough to act as a structural barrier and has to be wrapped in metal to be rigid enough to form a shower door.

Heavy shower glass refers to premium architectural glass either 3/8- or 1/2-inch thick. It's used to build frameless showers. Glass strength increases with thickness so heavy shower glass offers greater structural integrity for building glass shower rooms and does not need the metal fram around it to act as a shower door.

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