Design Your Frameless Shower Doors

Please select one of the diagrams below that most closely resembles the layout of your shower.

Single Frameless Showers Doors

Single Frameless Shower Door

A single door opening will accommodate most openings. Please keep in mind that single door openings will accommodate shower openings from 22" to 36" wide.

Inline Frameless Showers Doors

Inline Frameless Shower Doors

Inline shower doors are used in situation where the opening to the shower area is in a single straight line and normally wider than 33". In these cases we use a single glass shower door combined with a glass wall (panel) commonly referred to as a "side light".

90 Degree Frameless Showers Doors

90-Degree Frameless Shower Doors

This is most commonly used in the corner of the bathroom: two glass walls meet at a 90 degree angle to form a square or a rectangle shower enclosure with respect to tilled walls. The door size can vary between 24" to 33" and the rest of the enclosure is made of glass panels that can sit on the floor or a knee wall next to the tub.

Neo Angle Frameless Showers Doors

Neo-Angle Frameless Shower Doors

The Neo Angle shower enclosures are corner enclosures that have panel on each side of the door at a 45 deg (135 deg) glass to glass hinge.

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