Dulles Glass and Mirror Reviews

Reviews for Dulles Glass & Mirror products can be submitted in 3 ways: following a product purchase, post to an online search engine listing, or through a 3rd party service.

Following a product purchase

Following a product purchase, an email will be sent to the customer once representatives at Dulles Glass & Mirror have received verification of delivery. In the email, the purchaser will be given the option to submit a review of the custom product received. A link back to the submission page will also be included. These reviews are verified, as they have come directly from customers known to have received a product from Dulles Glass & Mirror. The reviews however, are presented exactly as written by the reviewer; Dulles Glass & Mirror makes no grammatical or other changes to the evaluation.

Post to an online search engine listing

A post to an online search engine listing can be done by searching for Dulles Glass & Mirror through an internet search engine. Once the business listing is brought up, reviews can be submitted and performance rated. Reviews submitted through other online sites are also visible on the search engine business listing. These evaluations and ratings are provided as a free service by these sites and Dulles Glass & Mirror has no hand in the process. Reviews submitted through an online source are not verified as proof of purchase is not required before submission.

Google Review

3rd party services

3rd party services, such as Angie's list, Insider Pages or Facebook are online websites completely devoted to member reviews of many different organizations across a variety of industries. Usually the companies listed in these repositories have been through some sort of verification, if only to make sure the company actually exists. Members pay to access the reviews, and in return the 3rd party offers perks such as complaint resolution. On some of these sites, the original business is invited to refute or explain a claim of unsatisfactory service. Again, the reviews cannot be completely verified as there is no proof of purchase, but many of these 3rd party sites offer certification that reviews have come from actual reviewers and not the company and/or competitors.

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