Is it difficult to keep glass table tops and glass table covers clean?

Not at all, and if you have your glass table top or table cover treated with award-winning ClearShield first, it will be even easier!

We know ClearShield is the best in glass treatment available because we've tested it ourselves. Commercially available wipes and sprays coat the glass's surface, protecting the it for only a few weeks or months. This requires frequent reapplication to restore its effectiveness. ClearShield actually bonds to the glass in a multi-step application process that's guaranteed to last for years.

Glass that's been treated with ClearShield has a smooth, water-repelling surface that's easier to clean. And because it resists streaking and staining, you'll need to clean less often. Best of all, ClearShield eliminates the need to use harsh, abrasive cleaners, reducing your family's exposure to harmful chemicals.

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