How do I make a template of my table or desk for my new glass table top or table cover?

If you need a glass tabletop or table cover in a size or shape other than what we have online, you can create a template for us to cut it to your specifications. Creating a template is easy - using a pencil or other fine-tipped writing utensil, simply trace around the outside edge of your table onto a piece of craft paper or poster board (craft paper is good for mailing, as you can fold it up). Make sure the tracing is clearly marked. DO NOT cut out the shape of the table - the tracing should be on a piece of paper larger than itself. If your table is small enough, you can turn it upside down onto the piece of paper before tracing it. If this is not practical, tape the edges of the paper down on top of the table so it won't slip while you're tracing the table or desk's shape.

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