Shower Door Glass Works

Describes the variety of cut outs and notches that are made for a glass shower door. Shower Door 'Glass Works' are the variety of cut-outs and notches that make a functional glass shower enclosure. They include: Hole, Mitered, Mickey Mouse Cut-Out, and Notched Glass.

Glass Hole
Glass Holes
  • Custom drilled in house, before tempering
  • Holes can be made for such items as: shower door handles, towel rods, robe hooks, etc.
Mickey Mouse Cut Out
Mickey Mouse Cut Outs
  • Custom created and cut for frameless glass shower door hinges. Provides greater structural security
  • Allows hinges to fit flush with the door
  • Secures side and pivot hinges
Mitered Glass
Mitered Glasses
  • Glass pieces are cut at a 45 angle to form a 90 when joined.
  • Water tight and steam-proof
  • Provides superior strength
Glass Shower Door Notch
Glass Shower Door Notchs
  • Custom cut in-house for shower door clamps
  • Minimally visible

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