Glass Weight Load Calculator

The permissible weight load for glass shelves is based on thickness of the glass, the square footage of the glass, and the span between supports. Use Dulles Glass and Mirror's Glass Weight Load Calculator to calculate how much weight your glass shelf can hold.

To determine the weight in LBS.* just enter the glass type, dimensions, glass thickness and the span** between supports into the Weight Load Calculator and click on Calculate.

1. Select glass type

2. Enter glass dimensions

Inches Fraction of an Inch
All measurements are in inches

3. Select glass thickness

4. Select the span (distance) between supports

5. Click the Calculate Weight Load button below.

Glass Shelf Weight Load Calculator

How much weight can glass support?

Whether you are buying glass shelves for cabinets or for decorative items, you will want to choose the right thickness and support system for your glass shelves by referencing the weight load. For instance, a corner glass shelf for the shower will not need to support as much weight as a glass shelf for a desk or cabinet.

The permissible load for glass depends on multiple factors such as the thickness of the glass, square footage of the glass, as well as the distance between shelf brackets or support systems.

Shelf Bracket Distance & Weight Load

Shorter distances between shelf brackets not only allows more weight for the shelf to support, but thinner glass can bear the same weight on shorter shelf brackets. Therefore, the longer the shelf and more distance between support brackets reduces the weight load a shelf can support.

Glass Thickness & Weight Load

Choose thicker glass for longer shelves as it can support more weight. Glass thickness between 3/8th and 5/8th can support heavier items compared to 1/4th thickness. Glass shelves that are 1/4th thick should not have brackets that are more than 2-4 inches apart. To assist your shelf in bearing more weight, consider buying an additional support bracket to place in the middle of the wall mounted shelf.

Tempered Glass & Weight Load

Keep in mind that certain glass has more strength. Tempered glass is more durable and 4 times as strong compared to standard glass. Thicker glass also is stronger than thinner glass and supports more weight.

Glass Table Top Weight Load Calculator

Three main factors for determining the weight load of your glass table top is glass thickness, the square footage of the glass and the distance between the structural support (eg. table legs). Thicker glass table tops are capable of holding more weight compared to thinner glass. In addition, smaller glass table surfaces can hold more weight than larger surface areas.

When purchasing a glass slab for your table top, take into consideration the support system of your table as well as its intended use.

How much weight can your glass table top hold?

On average, office desks may need to support more weight than a coffee table. The structural integrity of your glass table support is also crucial. Make sure that your table is not wobbly and that the vertical columns are sturdy. For desks that are 2.5 feet or wider, consider frames with corner and edge support.

Use our glass table top weight load calculator to determine the max capacity of your glass table top.

Interesting glass fact: Did you know that bullet-proof glass is a blend of laminated glass and tempered glass with polycarbonates and thermoplastic?

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