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41" Round Glass Table Top, 1/4" Thick, Flat Polished, Tempered

41 Inch Round Glass Table Tops

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This is a beautiful tempered 41" round glass table top -- place on a stand to create a new glass table or use as protective top surface on existing existing table, desk, patio table, or coffee table. The edges of the glass are flat polished to provide a smooth finish.

For added strength of glass, it is tempered. This type of glass is also known as safety glass. We ship to the Continental United States only (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). Weighs 30.51 lbs.

Round Glass Table Top

UPrice $187.14
Size 41"
Glass Type Clear Glass
Glass Thickness 1/4"
Edge Work Flat Polish
Strength Tempered
Center Hole None

Custom Glass Table Tops

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