24" Round Glass Table Top, 1/4" Thick, Flat Polished, Tempered

24 Inch Round Glass Table Tops


Package includes only glass table top


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This is a beautiful 24" round glass table top, ideal as a glass table cover to protect the surface of existing furniture. It can also be placed on a stand to create an instant side table.

To increase the strength of the glass table top, tempered options are available. This glass is also known as safety glass and will not shatter into sharp glass shards. Easy to clean and maintain.

This circular glass table top can also be used in situations where the entire surface is made out of glass. The glass table top compliments any base made of glass, wood, metal or any other material. Comes excellently packed via FedEx.

Round Glass Table Top

Additional Information

Price $45.95
Size 24"24"24"24"24"24"24"24"
Glass Type Clear GlassClear GlassClear GlassClear GlassClear GlassClear GlassBronze GlassClear Glass
Glass Thickness 1/4"1/2"1/4"3/8"1/2"3/8"3/8"3/8"
Edge Work Flat PolishFlat PolishBeveled Polish EdgePencil PolishBeveled Polish EdgeBeveled Polish EdgeFlat PolishFlat Polish
Glass Strength TemperedTemperedTempered-TemperedTemperedTemperedTempered
Bevel Size --1"-1"1"--
Strength ---Tempered----

Custom Glass Table Tops

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