Pentagon Glass Shelves


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Product Description

Corner pentagon glass shelves get their name because of their shape, which is similar to a diamond. Like a diamond, these high-quality shelves are a fine addition to your living room, bathroom/shower area, dining room, or more. These shelves are designed to fit into a corner, for a space-saving, decorative touch.

We are one of the only retailers to offer this unique shape for a pentagon wall shelf. And, we take extra pride in making sure your high-quality glass has beautiful flat polish edges for a luxurious look. 

Stack these shelves up the corners of your room for a decorative way to create more storage for towels, beauty supplies, or hair care products in your bathroom. Or, use them to create a custom keepsake or trophy display area. Sleek and modern, the pentagon glass shelf is a great way to organize your things without sacrificing the aesthetics of your space. Despite their delicate appearance, this type of corner shelf is very durable. Made of strong, tempered glass, these shelves are safer than regular annealed glass shelves. 

Installing a Corner Pentagon Shelf

When you buy this type of shelf, please remember to purchase two shelf brackets as well, for installation purposes. Most brackets that we sell are suitable for installing a pentagon shelf in a corner. Our philosophy is to sell only high-quality shelf brackets that we know perform well -- install easily and are sturdy enough not to fail. Many of our competitors include low-quality, cheap brackets in their shelf kits but we have learned this does not work out well for our customers in the end.


Size 6" x 6"8" x 8"10" x 10"12" x 12"16" x 16"
Glass Type Clear GlassClear GlassClear GlassClear GlassClear Glass
Glass Thickness 3/8" (10mm)3/8" (10mm)3/8" (10mm)3/8" (10mm)3/8" (10mm)
Edge Work Flat PolishedFlat PolishedFlat PolishedFlat PolishedFlat Polished
Strength Tempered GlassTempered GlassTempered GlassTempered GlassTempered Glass
Brackets Not IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
Price $39.60


Does not include hardware for installation.

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