When To Replace Glass Shower Door Sweeps

by Nancy Dezarn

8/30/2017 7:07:18 PM

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Find Out When To Replace Your Glass Shower Door Sweeps

When should you replace your glass shower door sweeps? You probably don't think about your shower door sweeps, or shower door seals, very often. But you should. There are several signs that indicate it's time to replace your glass shower door sweeps for new shower door sweeps. If your shower door seals or sweeps are brittle or cracked, if your sweeps are discolored or appear "cloudy" from water damage, or if they're simply not keeping water in the shower, where it belongs, then it is definitely time to order some new ones.

Where To Buy Shower Door Sweeps

Dulles Glass and Mirror sells shower sweeps that are inexpensive, very effective and fit virtually all shower door designs. No matter how thick your shower doors are, 3/8 ", 1/4" or 1/2" thick, our sweeps are perfect for keeping water in your shower. They're clear colored, so they're subtle and will blend in with your frameless shower door. We sell our sweeps in both kits and solo configurations, so we're sure to have just the right size for your shower. You can view all of the shower door sweep options we have available. Our sweeps come in dimensions that are common for frameless glass showers. You may want to order a kit if you're going to need sweeps for side doors and door stops in your shower area as well. Be sure to measure the distance between the edge of the glass panels in your shower to the wall to make sure your new shower door sweeps are the correct length. Finally, make sure to decide whether you need a sweep with a drip tray to ensure that any water that does get through goes somewhere other than outside your shower.

Buy A Shower Drip Rail Kit

How To Replace Shower Door Sweeps

To replace your old sweeps, simply snap off the sweep from the glass it's snapped onto. You should clean the edges of any glass that will have a sweep attached. A gentle cleaner is good, especially if your shower glass is coated with ClearShield. This will ensure optimal functioning of your new sweeps for a long time. Finally, you just snap on your new shower door seals/sweeps and now you have brand new sweeps that will last for years to come.

Online Custom Glass, Mirrors & Frameless Shower Door Sweep Supplier

At Dulles Glass & Mirror, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop mirror and glass store, but don't forget we have a huge selection of items that will help your replacement glass, mirrors and shower area look like new for years to come. Visit our online store today to see all of our products and get started on your home DIY projects.




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