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DIY Project: Wheeled Antique Coffee Table with Glass Table Top

by Nancy Dezarn

6/15/2012 11:56:46 AM

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Nolan's Wheeled Antique Coffee Table with Glass Table Top

Wheeled Antique Coffee Table

One of our great customers Nolan, was kind enough to share (and amaze) us with this wheeled antique coffee table. It shows how a glass table top from Dulles Glass & Mirror can turn an antique into a fully functional and beautiful coffee table.

You can put glass over just about anything to protect it, so remember that next time you're scoping out the antiques store. Glass table tops can be used both as a protective surface on your furniture, or as the whole surface of your table. For the latter, we recommend using a thicker, tempered glass. For your glass coffee table top needs, visit our glass table tops page (we cut to your specifications).

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