The Best DIY Halloween Mirrors 2020

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

10/29/2020 6:58:24 PM

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The Spooky Mirrors

This mirror DIY project is so quick and easy. All you need is packing tape, a black and white image, and a bowl of water to create a sticker in order to print any image of your imagination onto a mirror. 

By Shannon Schmidt - Watch Now

The Fun House Mirrors

These mirrors will warp your reflection like there's no tomorrow. Make sure to purchase acrylic glassless mirrors for this DIY. These crafty mirrors are perfect for any Haunted Halloween party and will be a favorite of all your guests.


by Ghost of Autumn Wood - Watch Now

The Jack-O-Lantern Mirror

If you're looking for a fun craft idea to do with children this Jack-o-lantern Mirror does not require any special materials. Check out our  bronze and grey mirror  options for alternative ideas.


by Happy Haunting - Watch Now

The Haunted Mirror

We recommend using a beveled mirror for this project. Creating a Haunted Mirror does not require any special skills, except for cutting out stencils that you’ll be placing on the surface of the mirror. 


by Christopher Hiedeman - Watch Now

The Haunted Forest Infinity Mirror

This DIY Halloween project will definitely wow all your Halloween party guests. You may have to take a trip to the craft store before starting this DIY, but in the end it's worth it. Check out our round mirrors, rectangular mirrors, and square mirrors and start creating your design!


by Retro Faerie Craft Tutorials - Watch Now

The Haunted Mirror With Your Phone

You barely need any supplies for this DIY mirror craft. Grab an oval mirror and your phone for the easiest Halloween decor DIY that will surely spook your guest!


by Lilly Rose - Watch Now

The Light Up Haunted Mirror

To maximize the creepy effect of this craft with mirrors, purchase a large sized mirror to maximize the size of the image being reflected onto it. I recommend purchasing an acrylic mirror if you plan to upscale your DIY project and safety is a priority of yours.  


Retro Faerie Craft Tutorials - Watch Now

The Scary Mirror

A beveled mirror is highly recommended to be used for this mirror craft project. This mirror craft SHOULD NOT be made with children. It does include using dangerous chemicals so make sure you have gloves on hand.


By Susan Petersen - Watch Now

The Creepy Mirror

Love the effect of the scratches within the picture of this mirror craft. Cheap mirrors will go bad fast and not give as clear as a reflection compared to the premium quality mirrors at Dulles Glass and Mirror.


By MacMoustache - Watch Now

The Dark Mirror

This mirror DIY tutorial will teach you how to take any old mirror frame and spookify it. Make sure you have a glue gun, newspapers, a frame, beveled mirror, and little plastic creatures that can be added to your frame for a super scary effect.


by Goodwill Industries International, Inc. - Watch Now

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