The Uses Of Tempered Glass Panels

by Nancy Dezarn

7/14/2017 4:35:26 AM

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How Can You Use Tempered Glass In Your Home Or Office?

Tempered glass. It's the strongest glass out there for interior design. The special heat treatment process it undergoes makes it harder to break because it adds thermal resistance. It is heated to very high temperatures and then rapidly cooled, making it strong yet brittle. This makes tempered glass panels 4 to 5 times stronger and 5 to 8 times more impact resistant than untreated glass. If it does break it will fragment into small fragments that lack the sharp dangerous edges found in normal glass that has shattered. It's also heat resistant, unlike normal glass, which begins to fall apart at around 100 degrees Celsius (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit).Tempered glass can also withstand temperatures of up to 320 degrees Celsius (or 608 degrees Fahrenheit). This means tempered glass is perfect for anywhere that may be exposed to the elements or hard impacts.

The Many Uses Of Tempered Glass Panels

Tempered glass has many uses in the home or business. Wherever safety is a concern, you can use tempered glass. From furniture to replacement glass or bathtub screens, tempered glass has a variety of applications. At Dulles Glass & Mirror, you can order tempered glass for your home remodeling or interior design project.

Tempered Glass Shelves, Table Covers & More

However, there are a few places you might not have realized that usually use tempered glass. These include glass tabletops or table covers for patio furniture, cabinet doors, and general glass replacement. You should use tempered glass for any storage or display cases at home or your business. Tempered glass can be used for glass shelves, especially floating glass shelves, TV stands, or glass shelf replacement.

Tempered Glass Panels & Glass Desk Tops For Offices

To protect your desk or conference table, choose a tempered glass table top cover or glass desk top.You should also use tempered glass for table covers and tabletops. Whether you just want to protect the surface of a table, or the glass will serve as the table, you want the strongest, longest lasting glass. Thus, you can use tempered glass for all of your glass replacement needs, or use it for new projects. Circle, oval, rectangle or square: we'll cut your tempered glass to the shape and dimensions you need for your home or business DIY projects and get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

Can't Find A Glass Shop Near You? Buy Tempered Glass Online!

Order your custom tempered replacement glass online from Dulles Glass and Mirror. In 7 days or less, your custom cut tempered glass will arrive at your door in perfect condition and ready for you to install wherever you like. Visit Dulles Glass and Mirror today to get started bringing your project ideas to life.

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