Table Covers: Getting the Right Glass

by Nancy Dezarn

5/6/2016 4:19:00 PM

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Placing an online order for a customized glass table top can be a scary prospect. It's something you want right the first time. You're in luck! We can help.

What is a Glass Table Cover?

Awesome re-purposed antique cart with a table cover.

A table cover is simply a piece of glass that you put over an existing table where you want to protect the surface. Antiques are a great example. If you want to use an antique table on the day-to-day, you don't want it exposed to normal family wear that can scratch the surface.

Or maybe you got creative and built something yourself. A table cover provides the protection you need to keep it as good as new. The great thing about a table cover is that you can still see the beauty of the wood or other materials through the glass, so you can enjoy the look of your original furniture.

Table covers are especially useful if the table has a texture, gaps, holes, or other concerns that would make the table hard to use. That's why it's ideal for antiques and DIY projects.

Glass Table Cover Considerations

We asked Dulles Glass & Mirror expert "glass man" Emre Tunc what you should consider when choosing a glass table cover. Here's what he said:

    • Glass that is 1/4" thick should be fine for most table covers. But, you can get other thicknesses to suit your needs.

    • Choose a beveled or flat polished edge for a table cover - these are smooth and attractive finishes for glass that doesn't fit down into a frame.

    • Choose an eased or rounded corner based on the shape of your table.

    • For an interesting look, you can go with frosted, gray, or bronze glass -- or go for the ultra-clear low-iron glass for long-lasting beauty.

Thanks for the pointers, Emre!

How to Measure for a Glass Table Cover

It's easy to get the right fit. Just follow the directions below.

    1. Using a measuring tape, stretch the measuring tape straight across from one side to the other side of your table. For a round table top, this measurement is the diameter. For a square table top, this measurement is all you need - length and width. It is the width of a rectangular or square table top. Record the measurement.

    1. If your table is rectangular, next measure the length from edge-to-edge and record the measurement.

    1. Edge Types - A pencil edge is a flat, thin edge. A beveled edge drops off from the top portion to the bottom portion of the glass. A polished edge is thicker than a pencil edge with polished bright glass around the perimeter. A wavy edge has indentations around the perimeter. Write down the type of edge and look for that edge type on the customizations area of our web site.

This video should help you determine what kind of edge you need (again, not seamed edges...those are for when the glass edges won't be visible).

Glass Table Top Edges & Styles | Dulles Glass & Mirror

Now, you're all set to get your custom table cover! Best of luck on your project. As always, you can live chat with us over at Dulles Glass & Mirror, call us at 1-866-452-7707 or email us at [email protected]. We want to help you make sure you get it right!

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