Office Glass Ideas for Home & Business

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

11/3/2021 12:54:48 AM

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Need some ways to upscale the look of your office space? With our premium customizable glass and mirrors at Dulles Glass, we’ve got just what you need! Keep scrolling for trending ideas our designers have put together and get inspired to renovate your workspace. 

Glass Table Cover

Protect the surfaces of your favorite tables with a glass table top from Dulles Glass and MIrror. This is perfect if you're planning on getting a little messy with either artwork, or food as our glass table tops are easy to clean. If you're looking to use a glass table for your office desk, consider adding some decor to your workspace by placing photos under your glass. 

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Glass Office Desk 

It's important for you to feel good in your workspace. Afterall, it's the space you're expected to be most productive in. At Dulles Glass, we are here to help you customize your office desk with a custom-cut frameless glass table top and the base of your choice. Don’t forget to check out our pre-made glass table tops that will be shipped to your door in 1-3 business days and can be purchased directly from our website. 


Glass Erase Board

Sketch out your ideas, to do’s, or any visual that’ll help you get the job done on a premium frameless glass whiteboard. Not only is this a chic addition to your office, but it also creates a productive area for you to gather ideas with other co-workers. Choose between clear, frosted, or gray glass and purchase mounting hardware here. Email: [email protected] or live chat with our support team to request custom cutouts in your glass so you're able to hang it as a board.

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Glass Sneeze Guard

Keep your fellow peers healthy and safe with a sneeze guard for your reception desks. The glass sneeze guard is made with chrome powder quoted brass hardware that attaches the glass together. You can also choose the thickness of the glass and customize the size. We offer 3/8-inch-thick glass, and ¼ inch thick glass, which are both tempered with flat polished edges. Clamps securely fasten the glass panels to your counter space for maximum safety.


Glass Walls 

Glass walls are the solution to creating private spaces within your office space without completely sectioning off large areas. This is a popular trend seen in many modern style offices these days because it allows for privacy without sacrificing the illusion of openness in the workplace. If you're not a fan of the naturally green tint in regular glass, explore our bronze, frosted, grey glass, or HDglass options.


Glass Conference Room Table 

The great thing about our glass table tops is that you can customize them to fit them to any space. Create a professional environment for your most important meetings and discussions with an impressive conference table to gather around. Click here to start the customization process.


DIY your own Acrylic desk divider

Acrylic glass is much stronger than regular glass making it a more durable option and it also has a higher impact resistance so it's harder to break. At Dulles Glass, we recommend using acrylic glass when creating desk dividers for these reasons. Click here to explore our plexiglass sheet options today! 


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