5 Glass Table Top Tints For Your Dining Table

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

3/17/2017 7:31:38 PM

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Dining glass table tops come in multiple tints such as gray, bronze opaque glass, polar glass, and clear glass. While Dulles Glass offers five different glass table top shapes for furniture and a multitude of glass table top sizes, we will be focusing on the most common table shape, the round glass table that is the most popular choice for kitchens and dining rooms. Dulles Glass & Mirror offers round glass table tops from 12 inches up to 72 inches. Another consideration for ordering your round glass table top is whether to choose between annealed and tempered glass. We recommend tempered glass if you have children and pets at home as it is safety glass and is 4 times stronger than annealed glass. If you don't see the specifications that you want, you can customize your round glass table top. Colored glass will breathe new life into older tables as a table top protector. Otherwise, the glass can be used alone an insert or replacement for tables.

1. Bronze Glass Dining Table Tops

Complement your earth tone palette with a bronze tinted round glass table top. Bronze tinted glass table tops are a perfect addition to a dining table cover or replacement glass. The caramel color glass will be an attractive centerpiece in earth tone kitchens and accompanying dining rooms that have brown or beige granite countertops, dark wood tables, and cabinets. Finish with an accent of gold such as plant containers and metallic candleholders. 

TypeBronze-2.jpg [Glass Type: Bronze]


2. Gray Dining Glass Table Tops

This smoky tinted glass pairs well with modern appliances such as stainless steel, white countertops, white subway tile and other contemporary decors. Add a touch of color with paint hues like Benjamin Moore's Paper White or Beach Glass. A gray colored glass table will look exceptionally gorgeous next to all white decor.

TypeGray-2.jpg [Glass Type: Gray]



3. HDglass™ Or Clear Glass Dining Table Tops

Show off a cool tabletop design like a patina surface with added protection using a table top cover. Or display your beautiful Burmese Blackwood wood grain tabletop, while maintaining its quality with a glass table top cover in various sizes and shapes. The difference between HDGlass and clear glass is that HDGlass has a low-iron content, which reduces the natural greenish tint found in glass. This makes it the perfect choice for applications where you want to maintain the object's' original beauty.

type-clear-3.jpg    TypeLowIron-3.jpg

glass imageglass image

4. Opaque-Clear Glass Dining Table Tops

Like the texture of glass, but want a more solid appearance? If so, you may want to consider opaque-clear glass, a sand blasted whitish opaque colored glass. Its features are very distinctive and uniformly smooth and satin in its appearance. Opaque-clear glass is also suitable for concealing the appearance of a damaged tabletop while protecting it from future scratches, scuff marks and the like. The end result is that your table looks new and will have added protection. Alternatively, opaque-clear glass table tops can be used as a table surface (on a pedestal or stand) rather than a cover. Your choices are numerous!

TypeFrosted-2.jpg [Glass Type: Opaque-Clear]


5. Polar Glass Dining Table Tops

Polar glass is a glass that features a beautiful all-over ice crystal pattern. It allows moderate pass-through of natural light and gives the glass a high opacity. It's features are  very similar to opaque-clear glass.

type-polar-2.jpg [Glass Type: Polar]



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