DIY Project: Coffee Table Top

by Nancy Dezarn

7/29/2013 2:31:42 PM

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Customize Your Coffee Table Top | Rehab a Vintage Coffee Table Top with Replacement Glass.


Customer Submission: Coffee Table Top

A big thanks to our customer Elaine; not only did she leave us great feedback, but she allowed us to showcase the photos of her brand new coffee table top! And here is Elaine's kind note:

"I recently ordered a piece of glass I needed to create a coffee table from Dulles Glass and Mirror in Manassas, VA.
I cannot say enough about the beauty of the product or the service I received. The staff was professional and gracious throughout the process. Stephanie in the office there was a huge help in giving me information I needed in order to end up with the look I wanted for the coffee table and room."

Replacement Glass Customizations

We now have in-stock rectangle glass table tops available, but if you require a customized table top to fit your table stand, or to create a surface for existing furniture like the one seen above, you can customize a table top to your exact needs at, and have it shipped directly to you intact, guaranteed.

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