DIY Spotlight: A Place for Everything

by Nancy Dezarn

3/14/2016 1:58:07 AM

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A custom closet featuring custom-cut glass from Dulles Glass & Mirror.

Closet Storage Ideas

Get creative with closet storage ideas. Sometimes, you need a personalized closet to meet your needs. If you want to customize your closet with glass shelves or custom cabinet glass, visit Dulles Glass and Mirror. If you want to learn more about lighting for glass and closet shelves, visit our blog post on DIY LED Lighting

There's a place for everything! Who doesn't dream of a closet with space for all belongings? From dresses -to shoes, a well-organized closet keeps things running smoothly. Many of our customers like to create custom closets, but this one in particular really piqued our interest!

"It's a built-in cabinet for my wife's handbags in our walk-in closet," says Aaron of his project. "She wanted to be able to see all of her choices without opening it and letting dust inside."

Great idea, Aaron, and great execution! This fine woodworking idea was finished off with custom-cut glass from our online store, where Aaron was able to get the exact size, thickness, and color that he wanted.

We hope that this lucky lady's purses enjoy dust-free happiness inside their cozy space. (And ladies, you can forward this to your hubbies for their "honey-do" list anytime!).

Thanks so much for sharing, Aaron, and we look forward to seeing your next project!

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