9 Best Uses For Plexiglass Sheets in Your Home or Business

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

1/13/2021 8:47:41 PM

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Retail Store Displays

Plexiglass screens are perfect for adding some elegance and clarity to any store display. Along with its shatter resistant nature, plexiglass displays usually outshine standard glass displays due to their greater optical clarity compared to most types of glass. Regular glass can also have a greenish tint to it while acrylic glass is simply clear, making it a much better choice for your store's display. 


Food Display

Whether you run a restaurant, concession stand, or bakery, showcasing your products in an eye-catching way is crucial to your businesses success. For a clean, sophisticated look, we highly recommend purchasing custom plexiglass shelves for your display. To customize the plexiglass sheets for your businesses display click here


Protect Yourself With Acrylic Glass Screens & Guards

It's important to keep your customers and employees safe these days. Plexiglass screens are the prevailing material of choice to accomplish this is due to the transparency and clear view they provide. These barriers add an extra level of protection and will keep communication between customers and employees comprehensible due to their thin and clear material. Explore our Plexiglass Sneeze Guard for your office desk, or simply DIY your own desk partition with our custom-cut plexiglass sheets.

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Acrylic Glass Coffee Table 

Custom plexiglass coffee tables are a great way to bring friends and family together in a comfortable way within your home. It's lightweight and transparent thermoplastic features make plexiglass the ideal product for a number of household DIY projects including furniture protection. Choose any type of base, get a custom plexiglass sheet cut by Dulles Glass & Mirror, and add some glass table top bumpers. It's as simple as that! To top it off, you can add embellishments to make the table fit into the décor of your home. 


Plexiglass DIY Greenhouse 

If you're building a greenhouse, do it right with plexiglass! Plexiglass is a glass-like unique building material for a greenhouse that effectively combines the features of glass with that of plastic. It is resistant to heat and snow, lightweight, more affordable, and it is easier to handle during construction. Currently, plexiglass sheets are the best building item for constructing a greenhouse. Shop our premium custom-cut plexiglass here.


Cabinet Glass 

An affordable way to avoid the green hue of regular glass over your cabinet is by using acrylic glass for your cabinet doors. The perfectly clear hue of acrylic glass will outshine the look of regular glass cabinets.


RV Trailers

Plexiglass is a great material to use in RV construction projects because of its lightweight nature and it allows for the critical insulative air space, while still allowing an unobstructed view through the windows. Check out this video on how to replace your RV windows with plexiglass.


Acrylic Window Panes 

Custom cut plexiglass window panes are much safer than regular glass window panes. Due to the lightweight nature of acrylic sheets, they are easier to install than regular glass and much safer due to their resistance to sharp blows. If a plexiglass sheet does crack, it is much less dangerous than a shattered glass window.


Picture Display 

For a super cute way to customize your plexiglass table top, arrange pictures below the glass creating a collage-like display. The best thing about this DIY table decor is that the pictures are easily replaceable and can be changed any time you feel like switching this up. Plexiglass makes this process easier because it is a very lightweight glass, making it much easier to lift and move compared to regular glass. 


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