10 Home Decor Themes To Style With Glass Shelves

by Nancy Hessler-Spruill

1/6/2021 1:45:12 AM

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The Boozy Bar Shelf

For a classy upscale bar space, use custom rectangular glass shelves to display your favorite spirits and glassware. Not only will this create more storage space for your drinks, but it also adds design elements to your glass shelves. I recommend either using the shelves only for spirit storage or if you are feeling fancy, go ahead and add a couple rows of wine and cocktail glasses, or other elegant glassware as seen below. The trick to this is keeping everything in line, so consider where you’ll be placing things.

Design & Photo by IG @whitebrassandmarble

Plants Galore

Plants are always a beautiful design element for any space. Not only do they improve one's productivity and reduce stress, but they also freshen the air in your home. Though you could design your glass shelves using only plants, I recommend placing either stone or wooden structures alongside your plants for an earthy feel.

Design & Photo by IG @olive.bloom

Colorful Kitchen Display

We love the use of colored glass cups in this display along with the beautiful plants and gold accents in this shelf design. This is a perfect way to display any of your cute kitchenware and your favorite glasses on your new elegant custom glass shelves.

Design & Photo by IG @abbeyleegracedesigns

Style with Beauty Products 

These days, packaging for our skincare, perfume, and bath products are so cute you can use them to design the glass shelves in your bathroom. In addition, you can also purchase glass soap dispensers, and glass jars to hold q-tips, cotton balls, or makeup swabs to add to your shelf design. 

Design & Photo by IG @ineswitherspoon

Add A Brass Railing

Adding a brass railing to hold your glass shelves creates such a cute industrial look to your home. White and gold are two very trending colors at the moment, the addition of white tableware brings in an extra highlight to this year’s glass shelf design trend. Glass cups are also acceptable to add to this design as well as a few decorative plants as seen below. 

Design & Photo by @amuneal


Modern Bookshelf

Style your custom glass shelves with decorative books and geometric sculptures as seen below. Many of these decorative books are easy to find on Amazon, and they offer them in many different colors as well. The most important thing to consider is to keep a consistent color scheme. If you're having trouble creating a color scheme I recommend using this website:, where you can create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands of beautiful color schemes.

Design & Photo by @inhance_interiors

Minimalist Chic 

In order to achieve a minimalist look make sure your shelf design contains sharp dark lines. This look is often accomplished using a black and white theme color scheme, but other calm tone colors can also be added as seen below. Black picture frames, and graphic 3D structures as well as classic white candles, complement these beautiful custom glass shelves  so well and are a must for this design.

Design & Photo by @thehouseonthehilltop

Glass Art Display

Our custom glass shelves are so versatile that it’s the perfect way to display your favorite art and sculpture. The colorless reflective nature of the glass allows the color in your pieces to pop. If you want to upscale your shelf styling a notch, click here to explore our variety of glass tint options.

Design & Photo by @achesonbuilders

Shower Shelf 

These cute little corner floating glass shelves are key to keeping the interior of your shower looking clean and organized. If one is not enough, you can always add more shelves to your bath. Find our variety of shapes and sizes for glass corner shelves here

Design & Photo by @dullesglassandmiror

Glassware Display 

Show off your wine and martini glasses by displaying them on transparent floating glass shelves. This technique adds depth to your kitchen design and with Dulles Glass and Mirror, it's quick and easy to get a price for your custom glass shelves just the way you want them.

Design & Photo by @loreley.marcellino

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