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What is Beveled Glass

Beveled glass edges are cut to a specific angle and size in order to produce an elegant, framed look. This type of edge means the glass thinner and smoother around the edges, while the large middle portion remains thicker.

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What You Need to Know About Beveled Glass

Combine strength with beauty: beveled edges can be applied to tempered glass so you can enjoy the decorative look in a stronger, more durable tempered beveled glass piece.

Use beveled glass for your glass table cover or glass table tops, any time you want smooth finished edges and a high-end, luxurious look.

Beveled glasses are just the right finish for cabinet glass and glass shelves. Beveled glass cabinet doors and beveled glass shelves offer visual appeal without inhibiting the light flowing through them, or obscuring the view of the pieces displayed within the cabinet.

You can choose the width of your beveled edge during your glass customization process. Simply select a shape above, enter the measurements for the piece you need, and on the final screen, you choose the width of the bevel from the menu located there.

Beveled Glass
The edges of the beveling are determined by the thickness of the glass. The above illustration shows the difference between beveled edges on thinner and heavy glass.

Beveled Glass Reviews

Review Snapshot: Average customer ratings: 5 star based on 66 customer reviews.

5 star beveled edge, tempered, plate glass window pane

  • Written By Glenn Hinchey, Salt City Restoration Co.
  • March 11, 2016
  • NY

Fast, accurate custom work. Very well packaged. Customer service was pleasant and efficient. Reasonable price. A pleasure to work with in all aspects. Very highly recommended.

4 star Good service and product but wrong dimension

  • Written By Bill Wingate
  • March 03, 2016
  • Richmond TX

The service was as advertised. The beveled glass arrived in a good package and fit in the insert of my table. The only disappointment was the thickness at the beveled edge. The 1/4" glass was specified to have a 5/8" bevel. I called the company to ask what the thickness of the beveled edge would be. They told me 3/16", which was perfect as that is the depth of the insert in my table. When I received the product it was not 3/16" but 1/8". This results in a slight misalignment of the glass and the depth of the insert. I decided to go ahead and keep the glass anyway and just ignore the slight misalignment.

5 star Outstanding

  • Written By Dan W
  • January 18, 2016
  • NY

Ordered product Monday, received it Saturday. Measurements were very precise. Packaged very well. I wish beveled edge size options were more broad though.


  • January 18, 2016
  • San Diego CA


5 star Outstanding

  • Written By Dan W
  • January 18, 2016
  • NY

Ordered product Monday, received it Saturday. Measurements were very precise. Packaged very well. I wish beveled edge size options were more broad though.

5 star Pain-free

  • Written By Reviewer
  • October 12, 2015
  • Glen Arm MD

I sent in measurements, details and payment and received a quality product when they said I would get it. What else can you ask for. I will do business with this company again.

5 star Amazing, accurate & fast delivery!

  • Written By J.D. Dallas
  • August 22, 2015
  • Exton PA

At first glance I didn't see the beveled edge and was afraid to unpack, but sure enough ~ exactly as ordered and looks fabulous on brass cocktail table. Very pleased! I ordered on 8/20 and it arrived on 8/21, I was in awe at how quick. Thank you Dulles:)

5 star Absolutely perfect!

  • Written By HAM
  • August 08, 2015
  • Topsfield MA

I order two glass tops for my master bedroom nightstands. I ordered the beveled edge, which looks great. The two tops were delivered in less than a week. The package was securely wrapped. It was such a good experience, I went on line and ordered another glass top for our table in the foyer.

5 star round and beveled table top glass

  • Written By Dave Zwanziger
  • July 30, 2015
  • Cedar Falls IA

Beautiful, well-packed and we are happy.

5 star Just Perfect

  • Written By David K.
  • June 29, 2015
  • Washington DC

I cannot contain my enthusiasm about this product and service. Our beveled glass was cut exactly to order, and was simply perfect (replacement window for a fancy cabinet). It arrived within 3 days of our order, beautifully and carefully packed. Everything about your fulfillment our order displayed craftsmanship and individualized care. I haven't seen such service in a very long time!

5 star Beveled Glass

  • Written By Paul
  • May 30, 2015
  • Brooklyn NY

beautifully made , very quick delivery

5 star Would recommend this product

  • Written By Reviewer
  • May 26, 2015
  • Galveston TX

The beveled glass we ordered for our coffee table was good quality glass, fit perfectly, and was shipped quickly. Very pleased

5 star Bronze Beveled Glass table top

  • Written By Melinda Hodge
  • May 24, 2015
  • Knoxville TN

The glass arrived in very good condition and was wrapped extremely well. I haven't been able to use it yet as we are waiting on renovation to the bathroom where this will be used. Although I think the bronze is a pretty color, I was disappointed that it was not opaque as was described in the description of the color. It is really quite clear and I guess I'll have to place a painted board beneath the glass to get the appearance I was looking for. My choice was to use either granite or the beveled bronze glass. I am very sorry I went with the glass.


  • Written By mark
  • April 07, 2015
  • Fort Myers FL

It fit perfectly (as if I had measured it myself)and is flawless. And the packing; my Goodness, you could have played soccer with that package! I did not check the exact specs because I had the luxury of a flexible frame. But, it fit within 1/8 inch which was their promise. ALL GOOD!!!! 5 star and great service!

5 star Beveled Glass Order

  • Written By Max Shanks
  • March 03, 2015
  • Edgefield SC

The beveled glass I ordered arrived sooner than expected, was perfectly cut, and the packaging was the best I have ever seen! I am very happy with my experience with Dulles Glass.

5 star Completely Satisfied

  • Written By Reviewer
  • February 22, 2015
  • Austin TX

The quality, the sizing to my exact measurements, and the look of the glass ... all met my best expectations. It was packaged so well for shipping there was no chance of damage to the glass. I LOVE how it changes the look of my desktop, and I'm thrilled i made this purchase!

5 star Perfect

  • Written By Brian Redman
  • February 12, 2015
  • New York NY

Shipping Fedex was amazingly inexpensive. Packaging was incredible. The glass is beautful. Customer service was great. This is where I'll buy my glass from now on.

5 star Beveled glass

  • Written By Reviewer
  • February 07, 2015
  • MD

Had my order shipped great packing job. Glass was perfect size and delivered fast.

5 star Better than I could have hoped

  • Written By Reviewer
  • February 05, 2015
  • New York NY

The online ordering website is really easy to use. The packaging is incredible. The glass is beautiful.

5 star business owner

  • Written By Bob
  • December 28, 2014
  • Denver CO

I ordered some beveled glass from Dulles. Product was exactly as I ordered sizes within 1/16". This was my first experience with the company and service was fast and accurate even during the holiday season. Order shipped during the holiday season in 2 shipments and I received both packages within 7 days in good condition. I would recommend this company to all.

5 star Replace glass for a broken table

  • Written By Sylvia Ayres
  • November 19, 2014
  • Buna TX

Beautiful . Looks just like the old one.

5 star Custom Beveled Glass order

  • Written By Jim
  • September 28, 2014
  • Durham NC

Perfect transaction. Speedy delivery for a custom item, nailed the specifications. Very satisfied. Thanks. Will be back if the need arises.


  • Written By Janet
  • August 05, 2014
  • Olive Branch MS

A flawless product, fits like a glove (glass replacement to an end table). Bevel and measurements are pure perfection. I must say their packing and shipping to travel 1000 miles (TN/MS) was superb. It could have not been more secure or protected. Quite an inviting challenge to unwrap. Thank you guys, so much. It is beautiful and I am MORE than delighted.

5 star Memorable experience

  • Written By Pam Walter
  • August 03, 2014
  • Deland FL

I love this company!!! I hesitated ordering a glass tabletop from a computer website, as I felt too much could go wrong. But after speaking with various local companies, I decided to try it. It was so easy to place the order. I received email confirmation that my order was received. The cutting and beveling were completed in a remarkable time. I then received an email notifying me that the glass had shipped. It arrived on a Sunday afternoon, perfectly packaged. It was to my exactly to my specifications and absolutely lovely.Thank you Dulles Glass and Mirror. You have a lifelong patron!!!

5 star beveled glass

  • Written By Reviewer
  • August 02, 2014
  • Chicago IL

The glass for my nightstands arrived exactly as I ordered them, measured perfectly. They look great and I'm satisfied.

5 star Awesome service fit and finish. Coffee table

  • Written By Bart High
  • July 01, 2014
  • Petal MS

I ordered an oddly sized (29.75 in) square piece of tempered smoke colored beveled glass and it arrived by FedEx in ten days. It is absolutely perfect. Couldn't be happier with Dulles!

5 star Cocktail Table Glass

  • Written By Robowoodman
  • June 16, 2014
  • Orland Park IL

The beveled glass for the table was exceptional. The packaging was hefty and protected the glass extremely well. Definitely worth the price.

5 star Glass End Table tops

  • Written By Robowoodman
  • June 16, 2014
  • Orland Park IL

The glass fit perfectly. The beveled edges flawless and the packaging excellent.

5 star Very pleased with my purchase

  • Written By Reviewer
  • June 08, 2014
  • Nahant MA

I ordered a bevelled glass top for a bureau from Dulles and am very pleased with my purchase. The glass was exactly as ordered and arrived in excellent shape. I would use this vendor again.

5 star beveled glass mirror for coffee table

  • Written By Sandra Sprecher
  • May 31, 2014
  • Mechanicsburg PA

I can't say enough about this company. I purchase a coffee table that was missing a beveled mirror insert. I looked on line and saw Dulles Glass & Mirror. Never heard about them before, but needed what they were selling... I can't tell you how pleased I was...the mirror came FAST..and it is BEAUTIFUL...This is a GREAT FIND...I would recommend Dulles Glass & Mirror to anyone.

5 star Beveled glass replacement coffee table top.

  • Written By Liz
  • May 12, 2013
  • Moorestown NJ

The glass (46.5" X 22.5" X 0.25", beveled, tempered, and eased corners) arrived in good time and was according to specs. The one that came with the coffee table was broken in a move. When I tried to get a new one from the furniture company, they no longer stocked the table or the replacement glass. I am glad I found Dullas Glass and Mirror company on-line. Now I can use the coffee table again.

5 star Beveled Glass

  • Written By SPM
  • April 23, 2013
  • Lenox MA

Excellent product. The packaging was impressive. No way the glass was going to get damaged in shipping. Highly recommended.

5 star New beveled glass coffee table inserts

  • Written By Sharon
  • April 10, 2013
  • Virginia Beach VA

Love my new glass table top inserts. They fit perfectly and arrived quickly. Expertly packed for shipping as well. Very reasonably priced ! I will order from your company again.

5 star great product -best price

  • Written By Reviewer
  • February 24, 2013
  • Bentonville AR

I bought a used curio cabinet and the left side had beveled glass the right side plain glass as someone broke the glass. I measured the glass and ordered it from Dulles and it arrived quickly and was perfectly packaged for shipment and it fit perfectly and was exactly like the glass that was originally there.

5 star Order for single beveled pane.

  • Written By Frank Wenzel
  • February 23, 2013
  • Lady Lake FL

Had some confusion with ordering online. Called in the order and was able to easily and quickly place the order. The pane was delivered 3 days later. I would use DG&M again for a special order.

5 star beveled door glass

  • Written By Cindy Barker
  • December 27, 2012
  • Mooresville IN

I loved that the ordering process was easy and self explanatory. The glass was perfect and was very quality workmanship. The price was about a third less than our local glass shop. The glass was packed extremely well and there was no problem with shipping. We received our order quickly. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase and love how beautiful our door looks.

5 star Great Service , Fast & Good Price

  • Written By Don Krantz
  • November 25, 2012
  • NY

I ordered a 1/4" piece of glass 40" x 11" with a 1 1/4" bevel. It fits perfectly into my antique china cabinet & the price was 1/2 what my local glass place wanted. It also arrived within a week.

5 star beveled glass for display case

  • Written By steve wilkinson
  • November 16, 2012
  • johnson city TN

Wonderful job on cutting the beveled glass to perfection. It looks great in the display case. Packaged well to ship with no damage. Thank you.

5 star Beveled cabinet glass

  • Written By Patrick
  • October 19, 2012
  • Arlington VA

The glass came perfectly packed, on time, to the right size, with no imperfections. Pretty good, huh?

5 star Beveled Glass - Table Top

  • Written By Ken Wolfswinkel
  • October 19, 2012
  • Crossville TN

Received the product in excellent condition-- and VERY fast service ! I would recommend Dulles Glass to anyone who wants the very best. Thank you

5 star Great price, fast shipping, perfect match

  • Written By William
  • October 03, 2012
  • Tamaqua PA

Not much to say other than outstanding. The website was easy to navigate. The price was right. It didn't take long to get our order shipped to us. It only took three days. The glass was a perfect match. Other than me messing up the size of the width of the beveled edge. You can't really see it anyways. Had I selected the right width for the beveled edge; I have no doubt it would be 100% perfect match. Again this was my error and not Dulles Glass and Mirror. Just make sure you have all your lengths and widths correct, and you'll be very happy when your piece arrives.

5 star Fast & Good Service

  • Written By Bob
  • September 24, 2012
  • Camp Hill PA

I needed to replace a piece of beveled glass on an antique clock case and size was critical. Thanks to your help the glass fits perfectly and it was shipped in just 2 days. Thanks again for the great service.

5 star Beveled Edge, Annealed Glass

  • Written By JL
  • September 23, 2012
  • Crystal River FL

The quality of this glass is amazing for the price paid. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

4 star Beveled Glass Table Top

  • Written By Reviewer
  • September 20, 2012
  • Centerville GA

The initial order was placed on 8/27. After 3 shipments of broken glass, the fourth one arrived today in one piece. And it fits perfectly on the customed coffee table that my husband and I built. Although it would have been ideal to have received the glass in perfect condition the first time around, I am grateful for Esmeralda and the Dulles team for turning around each replacement piece quickly, and with little hassle. Terrific customer service.

5 star Great

  • Written By Henry
  • September 08, 2012
  • Tunkhannock PA

Could not have been more satisfied. I Ordered beveled coffee table glass. Prompt fabrication, excellent communications and priced right. I was pleased with the shipping cost and the exceptional way the glass was packaged. Often the shipping (Postage + handling) costs more than the product and packing leaves a lot to be desired - this was not the case with my Dulles order.

5 star Best in the business!!

  • Written By Victor Rosario
  • August 09, 2012
  • Bronx NY

Items arrived by fedx fast and the packaging was top notch. The custom specs were exactly as ordered and excellent beleved edge finish. This company will have my business in all future projects, great job guys pleasure doing business. I highly reccomend them to everyone.

5 star Beveled glass

  • Written By Reviewer
  • August 03, 2012
  • Denver CO

Just what I wanted, and quickly!

5 star beveled glass table top

  • Written By D H
  • July 18, 2012
  • Van Nuys CA

Pleased with my online purchase of a beveled glass top for my table. Product arrived safely and quickly and was well crafted. Very happy with my purchase.

5 star bevel glass

  • Written By M. O'Grady
  • May 19, 2012
  • Southington CT


5 star AWESOME

  • Written By Reviewer
  • May 12, 2012
  • Salem NH

Perfect. The table top cut was exact 34 1/4 X 34 3/4 SQUARE. The beveling and corners were just right. It was delivered in a timely manner. Price was fair. I can't say enough. Would recommend your company anytime

5 star Just what the doctor ordered

  • Written By William
  • April 26, 2012
  • SC

I am very pleased with the custom cut beveled glass I purchased from Dulles Glass and Mirror. It was cut precisely, packaged carefully and looks beautiful installed.

5 star Beveled Glass Top

  • Written By Ann
  • April 04, 2012
  • Rock Hill SC

Boxed securely - arrived safely and quickly. Looks great on table base I recently purchased. A big thumbs up on product and service!

5 star Great Service

  • Written By Mark W
  • March 15, 2012
  • Temecula CA

Very prompt service. Glass was precisely as custom ordered (round, beveled edges 19 1/4 inches). Perfect fit. Well packaged and quick turnaround. Highly recommend, especially for those (like me) who needed an odd size. AAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++

5 star Bevelled glass order

  • Written By Reviewer
  • September 26, 2011
  • Grand Rapids MN

Glass was cut and bevelled exactly as ordered. Very fast and courteous service. Would be very happy to use them again.

5 star Great job!

  • Written By Jerry
  • September 16, 2011
  • Teaneck NJ

I am building a new cabinet for my home theater system and needed two pieces of beveled glass for the doors. They arrived today and I couldn't be happier with them. they were cut to the exact deminsions Ispecified with a 1.25 inch bevel. They will do a lot to make my project look great. Good job! and thanks

5 star Perfect

  • Written By Rick Ryan
  • August 09, 2011
  • las vegas NV

The glass showed up very well wrapped in perfect condition, perfectly cut and perfectly beveled for a perfect fit thanks so much

5 star beveled glass

  • Written By shannon
  • July 27, 2011

fast lots of information such as tracking # and e-mails. when it arrived it was packadged perfectly shannon d gaylor permian glass odessa tx 79761

5 star your company is wonderful!

  • Written By Reviewer
  • June 27, 2011

The four pieces of glass requested arrived days ahead of schedule which was fantastic for my timeline but even more important, the cuts were perfect, the bevels just as they should be and the packaging was professional and safe. What more could I want? As a novice at this entire thing, I can now recommend you flks highly. thank you, Peg Mahoney

5 star Great quality and communication

  • Written By Satisfied Customer
  • June 23, 2011

They did a superb job on my beveled glass piece. The size was exactly right ant the finish on the edges was superb. They also communicated well on delivery and responded promptly to questions I asked. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

5 star Replacement Beveled Glass

  • Written By Steve McBride
  • June 16, 2011

Just received two (2) pieces of beveled glass, workmanship and appearance perfect. I am also impressed with the secure packaging. You can tell Dulles Glass and Mirror takes pride in their products and business.

5 star Beveled glass

  • Written By L. Edens
  • June 02, 2011

Just received three pieces of beveled glass. Perfect!

5 star Custom Cut Beveled Glass

  • Written By Terry W.
  • June 02, 2011

Ordering was easy, pricing was reasonable, turn around time was fast, packaging was excellent and the final product met my expectations. I would use them again and recommend Dulles Glass & Mirror to my friends.

5 star Beveled glass

  • Written By Jay Fields
  • June 02, 2011

This item was a perfect for my restoration project.

5 star Delivery of beveled glass

  • Written By Larry Stanford
  • May 10, 2011

The delivery arrived sooner than expected and the fit was perfect! Thanks for a job well done.`

5 star Delivery of beveled glass

  • Written By Larry Stanford
  • May 10, 2011

The delivery arrived sooner than expected and the fit was perfect! Thanks for a job well done.

5 star good service

  • Written By Steve Ross
  • April 08, 2011

the 4 tempered, bevelled pieces arrived in good shape in a week.... much faster than I expected. The glass was just as ordered; no defects or problems.

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