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What is Beveled Glass

Beveled glass edges are cut to a specific angle and size in order to produce an elegant, framed look. This type of edge means the glass thinner and smoother around the edges, while the large middle portion remains thicker.

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What You Need to Know About Beveled Glass

Combine strength with beauty: beveled edges can be applied to tempered glass so you can enjoy the decorative look in a stronger, more durable tempered beveled glass piece.

Use beveled glass for your glass table cover or glass table tops, any time you want smooth finished edges and a high-end, luxurious look.

Beveled glasses are just the right finish for cabinet glass and glass shelves. Beveled glass cabinet doors and beveled glass shelves offer visual appeal without inhibiting the light flowing through them, or obscuring the view of the pieces displayed within the cabinet.

You can choose the width of your beveled edge during your glass customization process. Simply select a shape above, enter the measurements for the piece you need, and on the final screen, you choose the width of the bevel from the menu located there.

Beveled Glass
The edges of the beveling are determined by the thickness of the glass. The above illustration shows the difference between beveled edges on thinner and heavy glass.

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