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Frameless Tub Screens

Frameless tub screens are simple, beautiful glass panels separating the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. A custom frameless glass screen can be fabricated for any size and style preference, creating the perfect compliment to your bathtub.

Not sure how to start? Get detailed instructions with our Bathtub Door Installation Guide.

Customize Your Bathtub Screen

1. Corner Finish
Rounded Corner - Rena Series
Rounded Corner - Rena Series

Choose a rounded corner finish for a seamless look; a perfect way to match other curved bathroom décor like mirrors and circle corner shelves.

From $363.99

Square Corner - Siena Series
Square Corner - Siena Series

Choose a square corner finish for a sleek and stylish look; an easy way to match your mirror and shelf corners' angled design hues.

From $335.99


Final Bathtub Screen
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"We are very excited to introduce an absolutely state-of-the-art platform where our customers can customize a unique glass shower screen that would fit their bathtub, while providing years of beauty and unsurpassed functionality." Dulles Glass and Mirror, Management

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Frameless Bathtub Screen FAQ

Are these bathtub screens FIXED or SWINGABLE?

These screens are not fixed, and are in fact swingable – they swing outwards from the bathtub.

What height and width should I order my tub screen?

Have the height of your bathtub screen be at the same height of your shower head, or step into your bathtub and measure how tall the screen would have to be, to be at your own height. The width of the screen should be 1/2" the measurement of your whole tub.

Can you install the tub screen without studs?

It is possible with the right anchors but it is NOT recommended. A glass tub screen is very sturdy hardware that lasts for years and years to come. And the best way to make sure that that sturdiness is maintained, is by installing it on studs.

How long will installation take and how many people are required?

It may take around 1.5 hours for the installation of your bathtub screen. And it's recommended to have two people installing the bathtub screen, and handling the glass.

What is the difference between a left side and right side glass screen?

There is no inherent difference aside from one being left sided, and one being right sided, as bathtub screens are not universally "sided." This is key, in instances where one side is rain glass and the other side is regular glass, or one side is treated with ClearShield and the other side is untreated. The glass screen can only be installed on one side of the bathtub – the side where your bathtub fixtures are installed. When designing your bathtub screen, choose the screen that is for your bathtub space, and order the height and width that fits your space.

What is the warranty with my bathtub screen purchase?

All hardware fixtures that come with your bathtub screen are protected by a 1-year replacement warranty. The max DGM is responsible for is the cost of replacing the product.

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