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Bathtub Doors

Glass bathtub doors offer a wonderful alternative to shower curtains.

Thanks to recent advances in the glass tempering process, they are also more affordable and easier to install than ever!

Make your shower the centerpiece of your bathroom and pamper yourself with glass that creates an aura of luxury. Your washroom should be a retreat where you can relax in solitude, emerging refreshed and energized. We can customize your doors for thickness, size, and glass-type. Do away with bacteria-harboring shower curtains and let Dulles Glass and Mirror upgrade your washroom into a private oasis!

Custom Frameless Tub Screens

Custom Bathtub Screens

Our custom-measured tub screens provide a premium upgrade at an affordable price, thereby reinventing the bathtub enclosure into a modern, attractive centerpiece.

Bathtub Screens

Prefabricated Bathtub Screens

Easy to install and maintain, this is a beautiful and functional screen that can transform your bathroom overnight.

Bathtub Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors For Bathtubs

Bring style to your tub and shower with a sliding glass door, opening up your bathroom without requiring major renovations.

Why Bathtub Enclosures?

Glass bathtub enclosures are a wonderful way to create separation between spaces while maintaining an open feel in a room. Thanks to advances in the tempering process, glass screens have become more popular than ever. Whether you choose a prefabricated bathtub screen or a custom frameless shower screen, use of glass to separate the tub area from the rest of the shower has never been easier.